Saturday, August 9, 2008

0 Attention Friends: "Whoniversity" Is Back In Session!


Aside from being a shameless publicity stunt that's completely unrelated to running ;-), this post is also a friendly shout-out to any of friends & pre-established blogger-pals who happen to be reading this blog at the moment: I'd like to invite you to join our Doctor Who blog, "Whoniversity of Cardiff: Get a Doctorate in Time Travel! Double-major in Doctor Who & Torchwood, with a minor in K-9 Studies & The Sarah Jane Adventures." ;-)

To join, please send me an email request from your primary email account with your first & last name (i.e. your REAL name!), & the secret password, so I can verify your identity. Once approved, you'll get an email invitation with instructions on how to access the site. (Existing Whovians shouldn't have any trouble guessing the secret password. ;-) )

You're also welcome to join if you happen to be good friends of existing blog members. Any connection will first need to be verified by the blog member named as the connection, but you are welcome to apply for membership.

And for those friends who aren't currently fans, but are still curious to find out what all the fuss is about, you're still welcome to join & explore the "Whoniverse." ;-) Even though you probably won't know the password, I still need to verify the other salient details of your identity before considering your membership status.

The above practices & protective measures are done not to be snotty, but to ensure that people ARE, in fact, who they say they really are. ;-) Also, membership is restricted to trusted friends as a way to protect the sanctity & integrity of the discussion itself, to foster a sense of community amongst friends, to ensure their comfort level, & to allow a freer level of discussion amongst its members.

And, if you are already an existing member, then how about stopping by & commenting once in a blue moon? Right now, Tony & I are the only active writers on the site, & it's getting just a bit too quiet & lonely in there. So friends, come & share your favorite Whovian moments, speculate on what's going to happen with the storyline & your favorite characters, & just generally dish about everything
Doctor Who, including the related spin-off shows.

So friends, if you ever wished you could become a student again & attend "whoniversity," now's your chance! ;-)

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