Monday, August 4, 2008

5 D2W3 (HPC): Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow! And Oh Yeah, Let Me Add Just One More: "Ow!" ;-)


Let me just start out this morning's post by saying, "#*$&% #$@*%!!!!" ;-)

I'll just let you just use your imagination for that one. ;-)

Anyhow, moving forward, I would just like to say that I'm not cursing out my pal, Cymrusteve, (a.k.a., the one & only fabulous creator of the Hundred Pushups Challenge that's been all the rage lately), just in case he was wondering. Rather, those are grunts of pain that I'm expressing. ;-)

Steve, I know my triceps will be thanking you at some point, but right now, they are feeling like two crumpets that've fallen out of a bakery's second-story window, have hit the pavement, & have been subsequently squashed underfoot by a ten thousand passerbys. ;-)

So, here's today's workout plan: 27, 19, 19, 15, max 25+ (rest 90 s)

And here's what I did: 27, 19, 19, 15, 30.

The first interval I knocked out relatively quickly, but the second & third intervals became increasingly more difficult; and I have to say, the last few pushups of the third set were of questionable form. Like Steve's previous pushups workout, I just wanted to get them done as quickly as possible! However, by the fourth set, I rallied & regained some of my energy. By that point, it was a relief to only have to do 15! ;-)

I have no idea where I got the strength to complete the final set, but I managed to do 25 consecutive pushups, rested for a brief second, & then eked out 5 more, for a grand total of 30 pushups.

OK, now I'm going to go into a corner & crumple up into a little ball for a moment. ;-)

Never have I been more thankful to have completed a workout before in my life!


Crabby McSlacker said...

My goodness that sounds unpleasant!

I'm very impressed by all you 100 push-up people, but I'll pass on that particular challenge.

Good for you for sticking with it!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Oh boy it is getting tough now isn't it?

I reckon at least another 6 weeks to hit 100 for me!

Well done sticking it out and cranking them out!

cyberpenguin said...

LOL, Crabby McSlacker. Love the tag name. ;-)

@Andrew: No kidding! ;-) This week's been a tough pushups week. And from what you wrote, it looks like it's going to get even harder. Oh my! ;-) I guess we're going to have to steel ourselves for the upcoming challenges ahead.

There's no shame in repeating a week if you have to do so. Cymrusteve had to do it, & he's the creator of the thing! ;-)

Good luck with Week 5!

cyberpenguin said...

Also, just wanted to say thanks, Crabby McSlacker, for the kind comments of support.

Weeks 1 & 2 are fairly easy, but Week 3 becomes challenging right away! ;-)

cymrusteve said...

Ah, I thought my ears were burning the other night :)

"I have no idea where I got the strength to complete the final set" - one of the great mysteries of the hundred push ups challenge eh??

Maybe it's just the second wind phenomenon as mentioned by Dean Karnazes in his new 50/50 book?

Well done for hanging in there and gutting out the push ups - impressive.

I have to warn you though, it doesn't get any easier. I suffered on Week 6 Day 1 last night which I'll be repeating next week of course. My biceps and triceps are still quivering 12 hours later...

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