Monday, August 25, 2008

4 W3 Initial Pushups Test (HPC): Just Cranked Out 40 Pushups in a Row!


OK, since it's been -- Gasp! -- well over two whole weeks since my last pushups workout (i.e., Day 1 of Week 4 on 8/9/08), I decided to take another pushups test to gauge my strength before repeating Week 3.

Well, I managed to do 40 consecutive pushups (for the initial pushups test for Week 3), which isn't too shabby. So, I think it's safe to say that I haven't lost too much strength in the past 2 weeks. Still, I'm going to redo Week 3 before proceeding to what I've officially dubbed as "the Week of Pure Hell," a.k.a., Week 4. ;-)

OK, have a good night everyone!


Andrew is getting fit said...

Nice! 40 is not too shabby at all!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Oh shit...I'm inspired me to start again...45 and my arms shake...

kchealy said...

I've been slacking off on the pushups too...must start again this week. Thanks for the reminder.

cymrusteve said...

40? excellent! maybe I need to build a two-week rest period into the plan :)

seriously, a great effort...enjoy week 4 and if you think that one is tough, just wait for week 5!


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