Sunday, August 10, 2008

2 Hungry-Mungry, So What's My Frickin' Problem?!


OK, interesting phenomenon I've been noticing lately. Ever since I started increasing my distance, starting with Day 3 of Week 8 (of my current running program, the BOHR training plan), my appetite has grown considerably. My usual portion sizes just aren't cutting it anymore, & I often feel incredibly hungry after meals & snacks which used to satisfy me!

For example, just this past Saturday, immediately after our respective runs at the lake, I suddenly announced to Erik, "I'm starving! Let's eat as soon as possible!" Now of course, it was around noon & neither of us had eaten much for breakfast, (I had a banana & eight almonds & some water!), but even after we stopped off to pick up a bite to eat, I was still hungry afterwards. Not hungry, as in "completely ravenous," but there was still definitely a bit of residual hunger after eating lunch.

Plus, I've also found that, as of late, I've gotten particularly hungry at the late hours of the evening, & it's not looking pretty. ;-)

Of course, Erik is really enjoying poking fun at me about it, saying things like "You're STILL hungry?!", etc., etc. Of course, even though I know he's just teasing me in a good natured way, that doesn't stop me from giving it right back to him ten-fold! ;-) After all, if I don't tease him right back, then who's going to do it?! LOL!

At any rate, I'm not used to dealing with this sort of "body backlash." Or atleast not recently. All of this time, I've got to admit it's been fairly easy to stay on point with the nutritional plan & the exercise.

And what's this? My body throwing me a curve ball?! I don't think so, body. Not so fast!!!!!!


Now, what's truly odd is that I usually I find that exercise curbs my appetite, but yesterday (& -- oh heck, I'll admit it! -- the day before that too! ;-) ), I became like a ravenous, she-beast of the wild! Yes, please keep all limbs tucked in & at a safe distance from me, if you know what's good for you. Hahahahahahaha!

Why is it that lately I've been so hungry all the time with just a slight increase in my weekly mileage? Has anyone else found this to be the case?!

Is it because when the miles increase, the body suddenly needs more fuel to keep going, & the appetite kicks into overdrive!? That would be the most common-sense explanation.

Or maybe it's because my body (or even worse, my mind!) is actively trying to sabotage me & my weight loss goals?! -- Could it be that, now that I've finally reached my goal weight, my body's telling me that it hasn't had time to adjust & would rather go back to its former state of being of only a few weeks prior?! NOooooooooo! I won't have it! (OK, so that scenario sounds like something I might imagine out of sheer terror. Hahahahahahaha!)

OK, I don't want to imagine that my mind or body's actively threatening me not to lose any more weight or body fat, or it's just going to rebel & show me who's boss! These are not the things I want to be thinking about. These thoughts will only take me down a path of a very unproductive, self-fulfilling prophecy. So I'll stop that kind of nonsense RIGHT NOW!

More likely, my body just needs time to stabilize at the current weight, because it's been doing nothing but changing, changing, changing over the past several weeks, & it just needs time to catch up! I've got to consider that not only have my nutritional & exercise plans been significantly modified over time, but my body fat percentage & body weight have been in a state of constant flux as a direct result of these continual changes.

Perhaps I should factor in that the mind also needs time to accept these changes, just like the body. So maybe my body & mind are still just a tad bit out of sorts after all the changes?!

I have no idea. All I have to say is that I've noticed a considerable change in appetite over the previous two weeks.


I'm a tad bit concerned about the recent change in appetite, as it also seems to also be reflected on the scale, atleast in the short term: I've apparently gained two pounds & 0.5% body fat when I hopped on the scale this morning. The reason you haven't seen a post about it is that I've decided not to count it as an official weigh-in, until I can atleast be sure that it really is an actual weight & body fat gain. The body often fluctuates slightly in weight & the body fat scale readings are not always accurate either.

Of course, the object is for me to lose body fat, not gain it(!), but I'm not going to call in cavalry just yet. LOL. I'm going to withhold the verdict until I can collect more conclusive evidence. If I see the same thing next week, then I can start re-evaluating my daily nutritional intake & implement some "damage control" measures.

So, maybe I really have gained a pound or two from my munching over the last two weeks?! We'll just have to wait & see over the next few weeks. Either way, I'm going to remain calm about it, & just focus on moving forward from wherever I am.

You see, I've made a deal with myself -- to try very hard not to fixate on minor changes that I see in my weight or body fat percentage, & to instead, look at the overriding trends. In other words, while I'm definitely in "observation mode," this doesn't mean that I'm going to panic at every little rise & fall of the scale either.

I do realize that with more miles & calorie-burning also comes a need for more fuel for the body. But I need to figure out exactly how much more fuel, so I don't offset the body-fat-loss benefits of my increased exercise!

I've not had to really deal with this aspect of training before, as this didn't happen to me last time I did the BOHR or the BTHR training program! Or, atleast it wasn't something that I actively noticed before!

Well, with every new experience comes a new challenge! And this situation is certainly no different.


Running Knitter said...

I am in the "hungry all the time" phase of my training as well. It seemed like once my long runs became more than 6 miles, I just wanted to eat everything in site!

Andrew is getting fit said...

It's the running for sure. I never used to have any trouble watching what I eat. Now I get the munchies all the time and it's really annoying.

But I guess the body is saying 'need sustenance - feeeeeeeeeeed me'.

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