Wednesday, August 6, 2008

4 OK, I'm Putting Pandora Back In Her Box Now......


After those last few posts, I think I might just have to go back to being prim & proper. Would all of you prefer that I be boring & never speak my mind?! ;-)

That sense of humor of mine is a double-edged sword, & this time the ladies laughed good & hard, but the men.... ah, not so much. ;-)

Well actually, several of my male friends did laugh & find those last few posts funny, but then again, they know me, & also know how to take a joke. As a great deal of my friends are men, I am used to men's sense of humor -- They frequently rip on each other for a laugh, and frankly, it's not uncommon for me to do the same with my male buddies; and even though I'm a gal, amongst my male friends, I'm often treated like I'm just "one of the guys."

So after that revelation, it's not exactly shocking if I tell you that a large number of my friends happen to be guys. (Heck, I worked in IT for 15 years, & am used to being one of the few ladies in a mostly all-male group!) Of course, I have a lot of female friends too, but most of my guy friends are still willing to be friends with me, even after writing an article on men's back hair. ;-) Most of them realize that the article wasn't written with anyone specific in mind; it was meant to be a general treatise on the subject.

So, in case you're wondering, I truly don't hate men; I actually really like men & appreciate all of their qualities, whether they be aspects of their personal character, intellect, sense of humor (Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!!! Big brownie points for this one!), athleticism, or other qualities like their physical attributes. And I'm not so shallow as to choose my male friends (or my soul mate) based on whether they are hairy as a mountain goat or smooth like a baby's bottom. ;-)

And even though I had a moment of ranting, it wasn't directed towards any particular person. I just had a moment where I couldn't contain myself, & if you can just allow me that one brief moment of departure (i.e., aberration) from "business as usual," then we can all just go back to being pals again. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I'm a guy and I thought it was hilarious. Some people just need to lighten up, and wear a shirt. Don't get me started on guys wearing compression-type shorts with nothing over them. Really don't need to see that.
Great Post

cyberpenguin said...

Hi 90Steve,

Hahaha, thanks! Sounds like unadorned compression shorts could be potentially dangerous to a guy's health (Can a person breathe in those?! Hahahaha!) & one's eyeballs too for that matter - Hahahahaha.

So, just curious: How did you discover my blog? Do you perhaps happen to know any of the other runner-bloggers that frequent this blog? (Many of these people are listed on the blogroll at the lower-left of this blog, & of course comment in the comments sections of these posts.)

Or perhaps you're familiar with some of the running-related social networking communities? (i.e., Runners Lounge, CRN, our Blog Catalog running forum, etc.)? If you're not already a member of these communities, I highly recommend them!

Thanks for your hilarious comments!


Anonymous said...

you happened to visit my MyBlogLog profile one day and I followed the links to here.

I am not familiar with those listed in your blogroll but hope that will change over time.


cyberpenguin said...

Oh, THAT's right! Thanks for reminding me. I knew that your handle sounded really familiar to me. ;-)

Well, it's nice to "meet" you -- If you like my blogging style, then you'll definitely want to check out the other bloggers on my blogroll. Many of them happen to be long standing runner-blogger pals (both with me & with each other!). They are an interesting, friendly group of people. Many of us met through Blog Catalog, &/or found each other through our friends' blogs. ;-)

Welcome! Hope you enjoy conversing with all of the friendly runners here.

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