Wednesday, August 6, 2008

0 One Of Life's Great Litmus Tests: Can You Laugh At Yourself & Others?! You'll Probably Be A Lot Healthier If You Can!


I suspect that there might be some people who either didn't read the tag line of my blog, ("Three parts effort, one part humor, & a whole lot of attitude!"), or possibly didn't believe me when I said that I wasn't afraid to tell it like it is. ;-) That is, it's quite possible, but right now, I'm not 100% sure either way.

You see, while it's all been rather quiet here over the past day, I'm still bracing myself for the storm, especially after that last opinion piece I wrote & submitted last night to Digg & our Blog Catalog running forum, "Runners, Runners, Everywhere!")

Part of me still can't believe I wrote it, & the other part of me thinks that it's about time I "strapped on a pair" & spoke my mind about something like this. ;-) (That's the life of a Gemini for ya. ;-) )

Quite surprisingly, I haven't yet got any fiery responses yet to that last post (i.e., the opinion piece I wrote on men going shirtless), but I'm sure there'll be some completely humorless wanker that will just not take the post in the spirit in which it's meant. Oh well. I can't help it if people don't have a sense of humor about these things.

I suspect that, for those who do get their knickers in a bunch over this last post, it will probably be because the commentary quite possibly hits a little bit too close for comfort for some of these people. Hmmm, me thinks that might very well be the case. ;-) Oh well, if people can't take an honest, well-meant critique of some habits that frankly need to be rectified, then it's just too *$%&@# bad. ;-)

All in all, I'm probably overestimating the effect that my post will have on people, as the chief firestorm happened over at Runner's World the other day. So maybe my little blog has been spared the controversy. If so, I'll be sighing a breath of relief.

Whenever I see huge blowups on the internet about various topics, I often wonder: "Why is it that, anytime an individual expresses a useful-but-strong opinion or says something that so many people are thinking but don't have the cohones to say themselves -- even if they can make people laugh while doing it (!), that there are so many people who just can't hack it?!" ;-)

Hmmmm, I think the answer is that the individual very likely forgot to employ humor when making their argument. Or perhaps, they actually did, but the responding parties failed to see the humor in their argument. ;-)

It's like the Oscar Wilde quote: "If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh; otherwise they'll kill you." ;-)

Yes, the solution is simple: People need to laugh more & learn to debate topics with a good-natured sense of humor. So, please everyone, stop being so serious all the time & start having some FUN every once in a while. Trust me, your life will be more enjoyable if you are able to laugh at yourself & others, & poke fun at all of the ridiculous & silly things in this life. And when it comes to our own foibles & mistakes, these are actually the funniest of all; laughing it all off helps us to roll with the punches & just "get over ourselves." It ejects the "ego" from a situation, & helps keep people sane.

Ah yes, the world would be a much better place if more people could find the humorous things in life, and not take life or themselves too seriously all the time. We all need to forgive & forget, & just let stuff go.

So if right now, you find that you're not having very much fun in your life, maybe you need to find the joy & the humor in your situation. Even if you experience some not-so-funny things, I guarantee that if you can learn to laugh at them, they won't be able to get the best of you.

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