Friday, August 1, 2008

0 Run 1, Week 8 (BOHR): Half-Asleep & Drinking Lots of Water!


Weather Conditions:
Temp: 72° FHumidity: 82%
Warm-up Walk:Start Time: 7:10 am
Distance: 0.41 miTime: 6:31 minAvg Pace: 15:47 min/miCalories Burned: 43
Start Time:
7:18 am
Distance: 3.09 miTime: 30:47 minAvg Pace: 9:57 min/miCalories Burned: 321
Cool-down walk:
Start Time: 7:49 amDistance: 0.31 mi
Time: 5:00 min
Avg Pace: 15:57 min/miCalories Burned: 32

Yes, I know. I still haven't had the chance to update my last post & I didn't do my pushups the other day; I don't think I'm going to add an update to that last run after all, because it was two days ago & I forget what else I was going to add to my post! ;-) As for the pushups, I was planning on doing them last night, but unexpectedly fell asleep on the couch again as soon I got home from work! -- I got home somewhere around 10:30 pm, & probably came in for a "crash landing" sometime soon after that! ;-) I think my first mistake was hitting the couch to watch a bit of TV to relax & unwind, because I never made it off the couch! I work up this morning (from the same couch!) at around 6:30 am or so, & shuffled out the door at around 7:05 am or so.

As for the pushups, I will most likely do them after I finish this post, or tonight after work, depending on how long it takes me to wrap up this blog entry!

Anyhow, onto this morning's run. Needless to say, I was a bit tired from working late last night. I was hoping I'd wake up during my warm up walk, but that didn't happen! It took me about a lap & a half of running before I felt awake.

Note I did not say that I felt awake and energized. Only awake. ;-)

By the end of the second lap, I was beginning to pick up some speed. Thankfully, my body chemistry came to the rescue & I felt a rush of energy - It was probably endorphins &/or adrenaline or some other useful body chemical releasing itself into the bloodstream, because I suddenly felt a bit of a heady rush & began to get somewhat elated & excited. It wasn't a full-on "runner's high," but the elevated energy levels were enough to sustain me through the increasing heat & humidity.

Speaking of which, due to the hot & humid weather conditions, I was downing water like a Bactrian camel at an oasis! (And it felt like I'd been wandering without water in the desert for 40 days & 40 nights. ;-) )

By the end of the run, I'd emptied both bottles.

It wasn't necessarily that my throat felt parched at any one point, but it was so hot & humid that I didn't want to wait to feel thirsty before drinking water. Because by that point, I knew that dehydration would've already set in. ;-)

On this note, I'd recommend that runners drink water (&/or sports drinks, etc.) continuously throughout their run, versus waiting until thirst strikes. On a hot day, waiting can be dangerous. So if you know you'll be running in high heat & humidity, it's best to be prepared & take enough water with you!

If you interested in learning more specifics about hydration for runners, I recommend you check out this web page from Runner's World, which has a lot of great advice on that topic. (After all, there's no need to reinvent the wheel!)

Here's a "fun fact" that I just picked up after browsing articles from the above site: Did you know that as little as 2% dehydration can have an effect on your racing performance?

Of course, it all makes perfectly good sense, but it also shows how important it is to stay hydrated continuously throughout your runs! ;-)

Anyhow, back to the running: So as I was saying, I sped up & drank water like a camel. The small burst of energy definitely helped my finish, but the other factor was that the Nike+iPod was calling out every 5 minutes, I knew that I needed to speed up for the last 2 laps, if I was going to make a 10-minute mile. ;-)

So the third lap was faster, & the fourth lap was even faster. Towards the end, I ripped off my Nike arm band containing my timer, so I could get ready to stop the workout. I looked down & saw
the seconds ticking off. The announcement came that I'd finished my workout (i.e., the 30 minutes had passed), but I still had a few paces to go (OK, several yards probably), but I knew I'd have to kick it into gear if I wanted to get as close as possible to the 30 minutes. Did I have it in me?! You bet!

It didn't matter that the sun was beating down on me; I kicked it up a notch & ran faster & faster & faster. I was going almost full out by the finish, & quickly stopped the workout. Looking down, I saw the finishing time: 30:47. "Not bad," I thought, "...but I can still do better." I want to be looking at that timer & see 30 minutes. And then I'll be really happy. ;-)

Of course, I'm not going to kid you: I'll still want to go faster. But for right now, to reach that milestone would be really great. And once I reach it, I'm going to reward myself with another pair of running shoes. ;-)

Enjoy your morning!

P.S. I almost forgot to mention that it was a bit more crowded than usual on the running trail this morning; there were about 5 men & 2 women running, & lots of walkers. Apparently, Friday is a popular day for morning runs. ;-) I didn't see as many familiar faces today, but there were one or two walkers I recognized. I wonder if I'll see the curly brownish-grey-haired gentleman again; he's a fantastic runner, & it's fun to pass by him as he runs at lightening speeds. I'm simply in awe of him!

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