Friday, August 15, 2008

0 Run 2, Week 10 (BOHR): Yea, Only One More Day to Go!


Weather Conditions:
Temp: 74° FHumidity:92%
Warm-up Walk:Start Time: 10:31 am
Distance: 0.35 miTime: 5:13 minAvg Pace: 14:33 min/miCalories Burned: 37
Start Time:
10:36 am
Distance: 3.92 miTime: 40:46 minAvg Pace: 10:22 min/miCalories Burned: 409
Cool-down walk:
Start Time: 11:18 amDistance: 0.38 mi
Time: 6:01 min
Avg Pace: 15:43 min/miCalories Burned: 39

OK, this is going to be a really minuscule post, because I've got literally no time to blog before running off to work. So, here it is in a nutshell: I had an OK run today.

I'm beginning to think my Nike+iPod stats are completely worthless (& have got to get the track soon to recalibrate!): In reality, I ran 5 laps around the lake, or 3.7 miles, & not the 3.92 mi. as listed by Nike+iPod (!) in 40:46 minutes, which means by pace was actually closer to 11:01 min/mi. Yikes! That's a bit slower than what I'd hoped for today. Oh well.

I felt sluggish from the humidity, but was determined to press on. Drank 1 1/2 10-oz. bottles of water today. ;-)

Frankly, the real issue right now isn't so much the heat or the humidity, as it is a general lack of enthusiasm for my current running program. I'm really getting "BOHR"-ed with it ;-), & am just punching out the runs like an automaton. I'm hoping it's not an overall lack of enthusiasm for running longer distances ;-), but given that I've only got one more run in this program, I think I can hold on for just one more day. ;-)

Also coupled with the above issue is an overall lack of enthusiasm for doing pushups. It's been 6 days since my last pushups workout (which was on 8/9/08), & frankly, I've been avoiding doing them like the plague. ;-)

I think I might go back to Week 3 of the HPC (Hundred Pushups Challenge), to rebuild some of the strength I've probably lost over the past week. It's either that, or I need a break altogether from the program. But then I'd have to start from scratch or very close to it, and I really don't want to have to do that! That's reason enough to keep going!!!!! ;-)

Pretty soon I'll be posting my next running program on the left sidebar of this blog. As mentioned before, it's the Advanced 10K Program (from as suggested by my pal, Cymrusteve. Thanks again, Steve! I really appreciate all your help & suggestions!

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