Tuesday, August 12, 2008

1 Run 3, Week 9 (BOHR): Some Procrastinating & Then A Run!


Weather Conditions:
Temp: 62° FHumidity:54%
Warm-up Walk:Start Time: 10:20 am
Distance: 0.41 miTime: 5:21 minAvg Pace: 12:53 min/miCalories Burned: 43
Start Time:
10:26 pm
Distance: 5.09 miTime: 54:03 minAvg Pace: 10:36 min/miCalories Burned: 530
Cool-down walk:
Start Time: 11:20 pmDistance: 0.33 mi
Time: 5:27 min
Avg Pace: 16:26 min/miCalories Burned: 34

Boy, did I bite the dust today. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised about it, because I'd been dreading this run since yesterday. Yes, the ominous foretelling of the day's events did, in fact, begin yesterday: It all started innocently enough, with some blogging, tweeting, & email correspondence, & then continued for the remainder of the day. Yes, it's sad but true: I spent almost my entire day off in front of the computer with my rear end perma-sealed to the chair. ;-) Next, I then moved on to gabbing with my mother until shortly before 9 pm, (my sister had hinted that I should call home soon, lest my parents think I'd run away with a band of traveling gypsies ;-) ). Then I tweeted that I was going to run, & then five minutes later, I tweeted that no, really, I was indeed going to get out the door for my run. However, I'm ashamed to say, that never actually happened. It was one of the cases where blogging & social interaction on the internet became a great excuse not to run. ;-) Whoops. I try to keep my promises, even the ones I make to myself. But alas, I am human, & sometimes fail. ;-)

Anyhow, back to today's run: It was a lot cooler outside today, with a nice breeze. It actually felt a bit chilly at the start, but of course, once the bod warmed up, it felt really nice. I paced the first three laps fairly well, (I did the first two at around a 9:53 pace) but then got a bad cramp (I tried not to drink too much water!), & then slowed considerably as a result. After my fourth lap, I was just trying to finish out the run. Man, why was I so tired? I'd gotten plenty of sleep. Again, maybe it was all mental, as I was really not looking forward to today's run, & perhaps that was reflected in my running performance. I also felt really winded & tired after lap 4, which was surprising since I'm usually still quite peppy by that point. By laps 5 & 6, I was just trying to get them done. They were honestly rather humorless & unenthusiastic. The cramp kept persisting; I tried to work the muscles around the affected side area, but it was to no avail. (Also, some slight knee tenderness also kicked in again on the final lap.) The only way I was going to get through today's run was just sticking it out: Pure grit & determination, baby, all the way! So, I thought to myself, "Sure, I can keep going, even if it's not a lightening fast pace. I'll just put in the miles & not think about pace. Sure, no problem." Just getting it done is actually not a very tall order, so at the very least, I could do that.

And that's pretty much how I finished out the run. I didn't exactly feel heroic or proud of my efforts or anything like that today. It was just about conquering the miles & getting the run done. That was all I could ask for this morning.

All in all, I did about 6 3/8 laps or roughly 4.72 miles. (Ignore the Nike+iPod data on the mileage; my figures are more accurate!) It's the longest run to-date over the past several months. Big freakin' whoop. ;-) Pardon my sarcasm, but I've done much longer runs in the past, so it's not exactly like it was a big deal.

And speaking of big deals, my pal Dave was so kind as to give both our mutual pal Kristen & me the nicest shout-outs on his blog this morning. Dave says he thinks I'm inspirational, but I actually think he wins the prize for that one. Running with MS, he's had to overcome a lot more obstacles than me, plus he's already gotten several marathons under his belt & is now trying to overcome a knee injury. Top that for inspiration & perseverance! :-)

Those of you who know Dave might want to hop on over to his blog & check out how he's been doing & wish him well. Even if you don't know Dave, you can stop by & say hello to him or leave a comment; he's a great guy & is definitely worth knowing!

Have a good afternoon! Got to race off to work now. Bye!

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