Monday, August 11, 2008

3 To Twitter or To Post, That IS the Question!


Just recently I blogged about my friend Tim's post about twittering runners.

And then I began to reflect a bit about what happens when I twitter, & it got me thinking about how it's been affecting my blogging....

Has anyone else felt like when they twitter, it steals their blogging mo-jo?! ;-) Sure, Twitter's great for those short & sweet announcements & communications with your friends & extended social networking community, & for rattling off those minute thoughts that don't merit an entire post, but what those times when you have a more intricate thought, end up twittering multiple lines about it, & then don't feel like repeating yourself in your blog?!

I surely am not alone in this feeling. In fact, I just recently came across an article about this very same phenomenon.

And for those of you who like reading about social networking trends, you'll definitely want to check out the following articles:
Some Conversations Have Shifted to Twitter (Observations on how Twitter is being used, & why it matters as a social networking tool, both for everyday people & techies alike)
Twitter Killed the Status Star (Yes, it's a Facebook reference!)
Thoughts on Twitter (Thoughts on the significance & usefulness of Twitter)

So how do you feel about twittering versus blogging? Given the choice, which would you rather do? Have you often twittered & then not felt like blogging?! ;-)

What do you think of Twitter in general, & if you've used it on a regular or semi-regular basis, what has been your experience with it thus far? What do you like &/or dislike about it? What features would you like to see added to this application? How do you personally like to use Twitter? Do you see it as useful or a waste of time? What do you think the social relevance is of Twitter & similar applications like Pownce, FriendFeed, etc?

If you haven't tried twittering, is it because you're not familiar with this application & what it could potentially do for you, or is it because you don't have an interest in using it? Do you think it could have a place in your life, or do you feel overwhelmed enough by the social networking universe as is?!!!!!

Which social networking applications are your favorites & why?


crossn81 said...

After using Twitter for awhile some of the novelty has worn off and I don't feel like having to update what I'm doing every few hours. I try not to overwhelm my followers but will pass along great information. I see it as both a personal and professional tool, which is maybe different than a lot of users.

Andrew is getting fit said...

I find keeping up with the large amount of blogs I read (and writing my own)takes most of my free time and I'm hesitant to add another thing to the mix. Having said that I'll give it a go!

Tim Wilson said...

I do feel like it has stolen some of my time, which in fact steals some of my better posts. I have tried to use it to compliment my blog, and in most cases think I have done so.

To much to do - not enough time!

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