Sunday, August 17, 2008

1 Weigh-In: First, the Good News.... ;-)


OK, Andrew, so you were right. Big freakin' whoop. ;-) But on the plus side, I did make it 5 whole days without weighing myself; now that's almost a week!

I think I'm going to make a regular habit of weighing myself on Sunday or Monday mornings to get a "beginning of the week" measurement, for consistency's sake. ;-)

So here are the results: I lost 0.2 lbs & gained 0.2%. Since the variances are so minuscule, I'm not going to sweat the figures either way. Again, it's the trend that matters.

And speaking of which: Since 8/3/08, my BF% has gone up a total of 2% (Yikes!), even though the pounds on the scale have gone down. (I still look pretty trim overall: But I can tell that there's been a slight chance in appearance in my body; my abdomen feels slightly chubbier than usual, so that's probably where the excess fat has gone! ;-) Either that, or the BF% has found its way to the other "typical resting places" for a woman -- the hips &/or the rear! ;-) )

Since I'm running more & also craving more food, me thinks I should monitor & re-evaluate my recent eating patterns a bit more carefully. Otherwise, I'm going to start looking like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. ;-)

For one, I'll admit that that can of reduced-fat "Smart Flavors" Pringles potato chips (i.e., that's "potato crisps" for all you "British Commonweath" people out there! ;-) ) I ate one night last week for dinner probably didn't help any. (Eek! That's truly horrible, I know!)

My first mistake was requesting a can of potato chips in the first place. Even though I made the first can last for several days, which is actually pretty good for me (!), I can never eat just one or even a single serving of them (i.e., 17 chips). (Believe me, I also previously tried eating the 100 calorie mini-packs instead, but they ended up being worthless since I ate more than one at a time! ;-) Plus, you end up paying more for the packaging, & you get less chips!)

Now I was OK with just getting the one can. However, when a second can magically materialized on the cupboard shelves only a few days later after my first chip-snarfing episode, I knew I was in trouble. (Er, of course, that'd actually be Erik who picked up a second can during a post-work grocery run, which I hadn't requested this time around. I think he thought he was being thoughtful, or perhaps he was on autopilot, but at any rate, that second can was absolutely deadly! Of course, it's not his fault; it's mine for eating them, but nonetheless, I'd rather not have this sort of temptation around the house.) Of course, needless to say, I ate the entire can in one evening & then pleaded with Erik not to buy them again! ;-) He's told me he won't buy them, so there's still hope for me reaching my body fat percentage goals yet! LOL. ;-)

Strangely enough, I'm great at avoiding temptation outside of the home -- you could prod me all you want & shove the most chocolate-y, sugary thing in front of my face & I wouldn't eat it-- but as soon as I get home, all bets are off. ;-) I think it has something to do with home being equated with my comfort zone, etc., etc. Also, I haven't had very many "treats" lately (Geez, what am I a kitty or a puppy?!), & that might be exactly what's been messing with my head lately.

Other than the occasional bowl of Light Breyer's ice cream (which has only 3 g of fat per 1/2 cup serving) with hard pretzels (which are also very low in fat!), it's been difficult for me to snack on those "temptation" foods & exercise self-control. So, it's time to follow my own advice & "give myself permission" to eat them once in a while, so I don't go batty from deprivation. ;-)

I think part of the reason it's been such a struggle as of late is that I feel like I'm finally starting to make some minor headway with my weight. But I've got to remember that the body fat percentage is the most telling of all.

Of course, I intellectually know if I eat a pre-established portion size, i.e., a mini-bag of my favorite gourmet kettle-crisp potato chips (i.e., Route 66, etc., or another delicious brand!) on occasion (i.e., once a month or every two months or so), that it's not going to be "the beginning of the end." One individual-sized serving is just fine.

So why don't I want to let myself do it?! I know I need to give myself some "leg room" on this issue (pun intended!), or otherwise I'm going to snap when it comes to my nutritional plan & undo all of my previous hard work. It's the exact opposite of what most people think: That one mini-bag of potato chips is actually the thing that's going to keep me on track!

Yes, if you haven't guessed by now, good (i.e., read "gourmet") potato chips & thin, crispy, crunchy fries are a serious craving of mine. But I won't just stoop to eating just any chip or fry. Oh no. They've got to be high quality & good-tasting, because frankly, I'm not going to waste my hard-earned calorie-burning activities on just any potato product. My body is a temple, & if I'm going to do that temple in for a few brief moments, I atleast want it to taste good. For me, the pathway to hell is paved with many gourmet fries & potato chips. LOL.

I also really enjoy a much healthier version of potatoes -- the baked potato, although I've been avoiding eating it due to the high glycemic index, and what I feel like (i.e., blurry food-coma-like feeling) after eating it.

The same goes for pasta. I primarily get my carbs via veggies & whole-grain cereals & bread stuffs.

My meals are typically high in veggies, fruits & low-fat proteins. However, since I'm still trying to lose weight, I'm not sure if I really want to increase my overall carb intake just yet. If I do, I've got to be smart about the types of carbs I'm putting in my bod. Even though I've been able to mostly work off those 2 cans of Pringles, I don't want to be taking 1 step forward & then 2 steps backwards with my nutrition & weight management, not to mention what the extra BF% would do to my pace! Hmmmm, got to do some more research on how much I should be eating for the current amount of calories I'm burning during runs & for the weekly mileage I'm doing.

Maybe I should look into the Japanese & Kenyan nutritional training plans more closely. Last night, NBC had a segment on the Chinese marathoner, Zhou Chunxiu, who captured the bronze the other day at the women's Olympic marathon event; she's currently being advised by a 72-year old Japanese man, who recommended that she eat a special kind of rice pudding, etc. And those Japanese marathoners are good. Sounds like it might be worth a look. Then again, I'm not running 750 miles per month (i.e., the equivalent of a marathon a day!) like she is. Probably will end up scaling any of the food recommendations to meet my calorie intake requirements.

Anyone know any details about Zhou's diet? Would be curious to hear more about it? Hopefully, it's not some top secret thing that she's not sharing with anyone. ;-)

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Andrew is getting fit said...

I'm like you actually. If it's in the house I'm overcome with a longing to eat it. Outside, doesn't really bother me at all.


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