Saturday, August 30, 2008

0 Weigh-In: A Mixed Review


Maybe it was the (one) beer & the dinner I had two nights ago, & then again, maybe my body fat scale is just playing tricks on me, but I gained 0.9% BF from last week's weigh-in on 8/17/08. And then, on the plus side, I lost 1.6 lbs. ;-)

Maybe instead, I should just weigh myself later today after my 6-mile run, eh?! ;-)

OK, I'll probably do another weigh-in tomorrow morning for consistency's sake, to see if I really did gain the 0.9% body fat, or atleast see if I can get rid of it & then some after my 6-mile run!


In terms of my BF% loss & weight-loss goals, I'm obviously not making as much progress as I would like. However, this doesn't mean I've become impatient about it either: I've actually adopted a rather non-plussed, laid-back attitude towards the whole process, especially since stating that it was no longer a primary focus of mine.

Of course, that certainly doesn't mean that I'm not expending the effort to shed the pounds/body fat. It just means that I'm trying not to obsess about it. ;-)

So with that understanding in mind, let's analyze the data. Here's a look at my cumulative BF% loss & weight loss progress:

From my lowest BF% measurement thus far on 7/28/08, I've actually gained a total of 2.9% BF. Yeeesh. But if even we use 8/3/08 as the starting date from which to measure, I've still gained 1.4% BF. Clearly, I must be increasing my fat intake somewhere in my diet, because I'm actually expending more calories these days. Hmmmph. Me thinks that my recent eating habits & weekly caloric intake is worthy of further scrutiny. ;-)

As for weight loss: So far, since reaching my last weight goal post on 8/3/08, I've lost a total of 2 lbs. And it's taken almost 4 weeks to lose those 2 lbs. Whoopee. ;-)

And yes, I do realize that it usually takes a bit more time & effort to shed the last 8-10 lbs., which are typically the most stubborn of all, & that the process is going to be a difficult, but not impossible, challenge.

And while losing weight might at first sound like good news, since it's not being matched by a comparable amount of BF% loss -- in fact, I'm actually moving in the other direction(!), that means that my supposed "progress" is dubious at best.

So what does it all mean? Am I losing muscle or perhaps eating too many carbs or too much fat? I suspect the latter. It looks like my nutritional plan, especially in terms of overall caloric intake, still probably needs some fine tuning.

On that note, I've been looking into the The Runner's Diet (a.k.a., the "50-25-25" plan) from Runner's World, which advocates that 50% of a runner's nutritional plan be composed of carbs, 25% protein, & 25% fat. Right now, my nutritional plan is probably closer to 30% carbs, 40% protein, & 30% fat.

I'll probably post an analysis of the plan at some later point, but right now I need to figure out the basics -- How many calories I need to consume, what I'm currently consuming, & what adjustments need to be made, etc.

OK, enough analysis for now. Off to run in a bit. See ya!

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