Sunday, August 3, 2008

7 Weigh-In: Whoah, I've Reached My Weight Loss Goal!


OK, the scale pictured above definitely has a reason to smile today: I'VE FINALLY REACHED MY WEIGHT-LOSS GOAL! 8-)

And yes, for those of you who are keeping track, I made it a whole 5 days without weighing myself, which is only two days short of my original goal (of waiting a whole week before weighing myself again). But it's very nearly a week, & given the results, so-#*$@%-what! ;-)


Some of you who've been long-time readers of this blog probably will remember that my original weight-loss goal was 25 lbs. However, after losing 10 lbs., I then re-listed my goal as a 15-lb. weight loss. I did this because I felt I'd reached a significant milestone, & also wanted to revise my goals to reflect my current progress. (Plus, 15 lbs. to go is a more encouraging/motivational goal post! ;-) ) So, my total cumulative weight loss since 7/21/07 has been 25 lbs.

I'm not sure what my total BF% loss has been since the start (i.e., 7/21/07) of my journey back to health & fitness, since I didn't start tracking these numbers until 10/8/07. What I can tell you is that, since 10/8/07, my total BF% loss has been 6.6%. (And if I'd have measured it from 7/21/07, I'd probably be reporting a much higher sum total loss; I hesitate to guestimate, but I'm betting that figure's probably closer to 8-10% BF.) That might not seem like a lot to some of you who are trying to lose more than 25 lbs., but for me, a person with a medium body frame & a height of 5'6", it's a fairly big deal.


Sure, I'm happy about reaching this goal, but it's kind of a spike of extreme joy followed by a mellow, chilled happiness. I think the reason for the chilled attitude is that I knew the goal was just around the corner; it was only a matter of time, & I was fairly confident that I'd soon reach the goal, given my recent running & strength-training efforts. Plus, I'm in a different mental spot now & am already looking ahead to my next set of goals.

Of course, I still have body fat to lose, & in fact have gained 1.5% BF since 7/28/08. However, if you use the figure from the previous day (on 7/27/08), which is probably the more accurate one of the two anyhow, I actually lost 0.2% BF. So there! ;-)

I imagine that, in order to reach my body fat goal of 14-18%, I will most likely lose another 8-10 lbs. in the process. However, it's not something I'm going to fixate upon, as the weight loss is simply a secondary goal. The primary goal is now my race training & losing BF% for racing performance benefits.

I can't tell you how surreal it feels to not have a weight-loss goal anymore. Of course, there's still weight maintenance, but provided that I continue running & eating the way I've been lately, I don't think that'll be much of an issue. I'm honestly extremely happy to be refocusing the majority of my energies into race training & sports nutrition. YAY!!!!!!!


So what's next for me on the weight management & fitness horizon? Well, stay tuned, because you can bet that I'll be reviewing my percent-to-goal progress, re-tooling existing goals & also formulating new ones!

OK, and now I'm really heading out the door for my run. Really, I am! ;-)


kchealy said...

Congratulations - that's a great achievement!

Andrew is getting fit said...

That's brilliant. Well done.

Enjoy your run!

cyberpenguin said...

Andrew & Kristin,

Thanks so much! It feels great to have you cheering me on & I really do appreciate all of your supportive comments! Tonight, I'm definitely going to be taking Andrew's earlier advice about celebrating each & every victory, both big & small! ;-) (We'll be going out for celebratory dinner & a movie. Probably the new X-Files movie.... Are either of you fans?!)

With what you've both accomplished, you two continue to inspire & impress the heck out of me!


P.S. Kristen, good luck with the New York Marathon -- Wow! I can't wait to read your race report....

cymrusteve said...

Well done - excellent accomplishment!!

What's next then??

cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, Steve! Congrats on your supercharged pushups workout & excellent 16.5 mile run! ;-)

Well, what's immediately next are some pushups. ;-)

After that, I'll be training for 8 & 10K races, & will work on whittling down my times -- I'd love to be able to run an 8K in 45 minutes!

Not sure yet exactly which program I'll end up doing next. Got any ideas?

Frankly, I'm not really that keen on Hal Hidgon's plan, because it's based on distance & not on overall running time. And of course, I'd rather train using programs that focus on total running times. That's why I created my own custom training plan, BTHR (Becoming A Two Hour Runner). ;-) Speaking of which, I'm also thinking about reworking that plan to include shorter tempo runs....

So, speaking of what's next on the horizon: What're you going to do next after you complete the Hundred Pushups program? Are you going to create an even bigger pushups goal, (i.e., 200 pushups! LOL) or will you move onto a different arm-strengthening activity altogether? Will you strive for maintenance & continue to do your pushups, or will you push yourself (pun intended!) to an even higher level of arm-strength?!

Jim Purdy said...

You said:
"... given the results, so-#*$@%-what!"

I'm with you. I think the important thing is to get good results, and not how we get the results. That's a continuing battle between me and my doctors, who want me to take lots of medications, even though I have been making significant progress with dietary changes alone. It just seems to me that lifestyle and diet changes are healthier than a bunch of strange drugs.

Best wishes to you.

cyberpenguin said...

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your comments! I generally believe in preventive medicine as the best cure. There's a Chinese proverb that says, "The best doctors don't need to treat their patients."

However, I also believe that, in certain circumstances, when a person has a serious existing illness or medical problem, it sometimes does, in fact, warrant medication.

Since I'm not a medical doctor & I obviously don't know any of the details surrounding your medical condition, it's hard for me to comment on whether or not your doctors are giving you the correct advice or not. My sister & father are, in fact, medical doctors, so they obviously would be able to advise you better than myself.

Of course I don't generally believe in taking unnecessary drugs of any kind, especially if it's something I can correct without taking a pill. However, at the same time, I also recognize the value of taking medication if there's a valid, warranted medical reason for doing so, & the problem can not be solved simply by natural means alone (i.e., modification in diet & exercise, etc.).

Also, for some particular drugs, (like Lipitor, for example), there can also be a serious physical danger in suddenly ceasing one's medication.

So, if you are taking a drug that needs to be slowly phased out of your body, there might be a valid reason for why your doctors are still advising you to take it.

I hope that your condition isn't too serious, & that the changes you've made in your health, diet, & exercise habits are helping you to become a healthier individual!

I wish you lots of success, happiness, & of course, good health!


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