Wednesday, September 17, 2008

0 BOHHR Training Program Summary


Hi Everyone,
Just got back from Hawaii this morning. It was a fantastic trip - went scuba diving, snorkeling, ate some fantastic meals, soaked up the sun, etc. Am feeling a bit jet-lagged right now (i.e., only slept 4 hours or so on the plane), but have decided to work off that sluggish feeling by -- you guessed it -- running!

Yes, I'm barely conscious (Hahahaha!) after an 11-hour+ plane flight, but I think it'll do my entire system some good to get moving again.....

I think that sometimes it's important to do challenging stuff like this because it's good for us, & not just go down the path of least resistance. Because it's the way to move forward.

As the saying goes, "If I always do what I've always done, I'll always get what I've always gotten." But if I put in a bit more effort & try to improve the way I'm doing something, then that not only creates possibilities/opportunities for growth, but also increases hope & motivation to keep moving forward towards even bigger goals.

But enough motivational pep talks for one afternoon. Let's get down to business & talk about the next phase of training.

Today is the first day of the BOHHR program. Here's a brief overview:

Becoming a 1.5 Hour Runner (BOHHR) (9/17/08-11/15/08)

Each workout is bookended with 5-min. warm-up & cool-down walks: (✓)
Wk 1: Run 30, 60, 63. (153 min.)
Wk 2: Run 30, 60, 66. (156 min.)
Wk 3: Run 30, 60, 70. (160 min.)
Wk 4: Run 30, 60, 74. (164 min.)
Wk 5: Run 30, 60, 78. (168 min.)
Wk 7: Run 30, 60, 82. (172 min.)
Wk 8: Run 30, 60, 85. (175 min.)
Wk 9:
Run 30, 60, 88. (178 min.)
Wk 10: Run 30, 60, 90. (180 min.)

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