Wednesday, September 17, 2008

0 Mini-Goal Review: On to the Next Phase of My Running Program......


OK, so I've just recently completed the BBOHR (Becoming A Better 1-Hour Runner) training program, & have met my target goal five days ahead of schedule, i.e., on 9/15/08. It certainly feels great to have reached this milestone earlier than expected!

Instead of regurgitating my comprehensive list of goals, I've decided to focus right now on one small portion of these goals -- my running goals.

Of course, next on the schedule is the BOHHR (Becoming A Better 1.5-Hour Runner) program. Through this program I hope to not only build distance but to gain increased stamina. This training program is a 10-week plan which, if I stick to the schedule, will take me well past the distance I need to run for race day (for the Rockville 10K race I'm running on November 2).

I'd love to be able to do 10-minute/miles during the 10K race, but I'm not quite sure if this is a realistic goal to achieve by race day, since I'm currently doing about an 10:28-minute mile & it takes a while to shave off those seconds. Maybe I should relabel it a "stretch-goal" for right now. We'll see.

As many of you already undoubtedly know, I tend to be rather conservative in my estimates, preferring to set goal markers that I know are well within reach by a certain date. I like to allow myself more time than necessary to achieve the goals, because the typical neophyte training mistake is doing just the opposite & then setting oneself up for disappointment/failure. Instead, I bite off as much as I know I can actually chew, & that gives me the confidence to then keep going further & usually achieve even more than I'd expected.

It's not that I don't think I couldn't follow a more compressed time-line; however, I know from experience that this is what trips people up -- i.e., trying to hurry along when steady progress is more advisable. Yes, it's the "tortoise" & "hare" analogy, because I like to take the long-term view. I'm not in a hurry to get to my goals; I know I'll get there at some point. Instead, I'll make progress gradually, steadily, & most importantly consistently. Watch me as I continue working out consistently, whereas some of those "cocky young bucks" out there will rush, rush, rush, & then putter out & expire. There is no "fast track" to success. That's only an illusion. Try that road & you'll usually wish you hadn't.

If there's one piece of sage advice I can offer to runners it's this: Exercise moderately & take your time. Don't try to do too much too soon, because this approach is dangerous & will prematurely end not only your running career (i.e., injury, etc.) but your motivation too! Instead, gradually build your mileage. Try a program with interval training like the CT5K & BOHR plans, which will whip you into shape faster than just running consecutive mileage alone. Your body will thank you for saving it from potential injury, & your legs will thank you, as you'll be able to run for years to come!

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