Thursday, September 4, 2008

1 Run 1, Week 3 (BBOHR): Island Acclimation + The Thirty Minute Run That Turned Into An Hour Plus!


The view from our villa balcony. Very picture postcard-esque. ;-)

Weather Conditions:
Temp: 79° FHumidity:66%
Warm-up Walk:Start Time: 6:29 am
Distance: 0.30 miTime: 5:01 minAvg Pace: 16:20 min/miCalories Burned: 32
Start Time:
6:35 am
Distance: 6.24 miTime: 1:10:06 minAvg Pace: 11:13 min/miCalories Burned: 650
Cool-down walk:
Start Time: 7:46 amDistance: 0.34 mi
Time: 6:05 min
Avg Pace: 17:37 min/miCalories Burned: 36

I got into Maui yesterday at around 3:30 PM PST. I'll spare you all the mundane travel details (i.e., the plane flight, observations about other travellers, & oh yeah, the half-pound bag of carrots I was unexpectantly forced to consume in under 20 minutes flat as the plane was landing, lest the Hawaiian Ag Department have to hunt me down & confiscate them -- LOL! Ahem, it would've been nice to have been informed of the fact that absolutely no fruits & veg are allowed into the state from elsewhere, period (!), at the beginning of the flight, as the stewardess had most certainly seen me crunching away on them throughout the flight! Anyhow...), & will just cut right to the chase with regard to the running: I wanted to run yesterday, & fully planned to do so, but due to the timing of various activities -- i.e., we needed to stop & get groceries on the way "home," the car ride back itself was an hour-plus ride, & then not long after, it was time to eat dinner, etc. -- it just wasn't possible. (We took a long time at dinner, gabbing with our waiter, who a very nice & interesting native Hawaiian man, & then afterward, I was too full after dinner to run, & plus, it took way too long to digest. Oh well, we're on vacation; the runs will get done in due course.) So, of course, now that means I'll be running 3 out of 3 days in a row. ;-) Not exactly ideal in terms of recovery/spacing, but I think I can make it work.

Needless to say, the scenery on the island is absolutely amazing. My first scenic view of the Pacific ocean (I didn't have a window seat on the plane!) was on the drive to back to our villa from the airport/grocery store. It was surreally beautiful. I felt like I was watching a live picture postcard. ;-)

In fact at one moment, we witnessed this very dramatic burst of sunlight emanating from a cloud formation that looked like, to quote my sister, "some kind of religious postcard." ;-) All it needed was a biblical passage at the bottom, "Corinthians 1:13." ;-)

The light was breaking through the clouds, & at that moment, I was wishing that I'd have had access to the camera packed away in my knapsack in the back of our car.

Anyhow, I've got to go soon, so I'll just briefly summarize this morning's run. I'd planned on going running at 5 am, but it was still dark outside at that point & we'd been woken up at 4 am by a piercing, faulty fire alarm (Uhhhhhg), I decided to sleep in an extra hour. Plus, my sister & I stayed up kind of late the previous night gabbing away. ;-) (We hadn't seen each other in a while, & needed to catch up!)

The timing of this morning's run turned out to be spot-on perfect: It was very pleasant, probably in the mid seventies, with very low-humidity. The sun was rising over the azure blue ocean, & there were people strolling along the walkway & beach, & a scant few other runners along the way.

As for the running course itself, I decided to check out the full length of the complex & ran the entire length of the path & then also wove my way through the various buildings & roads. The sun started to warm up considerably after about a half hour of running, but I wasn't ready to quit.

Maybe it was part remorse/guilty-conscience for eating so much over the past few days, & maybe it was also part curiosity, but I didn't want to stop running until I felt I'd been out there for an adequate period of time. I was going to run just one more mile after the first three, but then that shortly turned into five, and then before I knew it, six plus miles. ;-)

I repeated the course a few times over the duration of the six miles, & by about the third & fourth times, began to look for some new places to discover along the path. ;-) There's not really enough space to run 6 miles of new paths on the complex itself, so it looks like I'll definitely be exploring other possibilities. To shake things up, I think I might be running barefoot along the beach tomorrow, or perhaps I'll save those moments for a few extra speed workouts. Perhaps I can run along the road or hop in the car & drive to some other areas to explore.

OK, well it's off to the beach in a bit. Later!

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Andrew is getting fit said...

That view looks great. Enjoy the beach!

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