Saturday, September 13, 2008

2 Run 1, Week 5 (BBOHR): Runners, Runners, Everywhere!



Weather Conditions:
Temp: 77° F

Warm-up Walk:
Start Time: 6:15 am
Distance: 0.45 mi
Time: 7:32 min
Avg Pace: 16:41 min/mi
Calories Burned: 47
Start Time:
6:23 am
Distance: 7.64 mi
Time: 1:24:53 min
Avg Pace: 11:06 min/mi
Calories Burned: 796
Cool-down walk:
Start Time: 7:49 am
Distance: 0.76 mi
Time: 12:44 min
Avg Pace: 16:40 min/mi
Calories Burned: 79

No, the title of this post isn't a shameless plug for our Blog Catalog Running Forum, "Runners, Runners, Everywhere!" ;-)

This morning I ran my "usual" route (in the direction of the golf course). After about 50+ minutes of running, much of which had been spent running along the golf course, I saw several runners with racing bibs peppered along various points along the golf course path. Some of them were doing practice runs; others were walking. As I reached the Westin Ka'anapali Resort (which is situated at the far end of the golf course), I saw there were large banners with the words "Maui Marathon" printed on them, & what appeared to be either a start or finish line area.

Based on what some of the villa staff had told me earlier, I knew that the Maui Marathon was right around the corner. What I didn't know until today was that the marathon course would go right through the golf course where I ran every day. ;-)

I was curious if today was the day for the marathon, so I asked some of the racing event organizers as I was running by the start/finish line. They told me that the preparation I was witnessing was actually for the Maui 5K, which would beginning shortly at 8 am today, and that the Maui Marathon would begin tomorrow at 5:30 am, i.e., my usual island wake-up time. ;-) I was told that the marathon begins on the other side of the island, near the airport, & ends where I saw the banners.

So, while I don't think I'll be watching the start of the marathon (i.e., with all the winding roads, it's about an hour's drive from here), I will be watching the finish. I'm going to see if my dad will go with me to see the marathoners finish tomorrow morning; after all, he's the only one who will get up at that hour. ;-) Well, he won't probably need to get up until about 7 am, so we can head over to the finish line to watch the first finishers cross the threshold sometime after 7:30 am.

I'm supposed to run again tomorrow, but if I get out the door by 5:45 am or so, I should be finished with my run by then & still have plenty of time to head over with my dad to watch the end of the marathon.


Postscript: Thanks, everybody for your comments. I promise to respond to them after I get back from vacation. I've been using the facility's business center -- which is in high demand, even at 7 & 8 am in the morning! -- & so, am only allotted a half-hour increment (total) to use the computer, which is barely enough time to check email and blog. ;-) The limited daily computer/internet access is probably for the better, since the point of a vacation is to take a break & unplug from it all. ;-)

Look forward to catching up with all of you upon my return....


Blaine Moore said...

That's fun!

I love watching races, even when I'm not running them. Looking forward to your thoughts on the marathon...I haven't gotten that state off of my list yet...heheh.

cymrusteve said...

any solid run - you're certainly racking up the miles at the moment aren't you?

enjoy the finish of the marathon - i wonder if you'll get roped into volunteering?? :)



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