Tuesday, September 9, 2008

0 Run 2, Week 4 (BBOHR): A Run Before Travelling The Road to Hana


Weather Conditions:
Temp: 67° F
Warm-up Walk:
Start Time: 6:28 am
Distance: 0.33 mi
Time: 5:18 min
Avg Pace: 15:52 min/mi
Calories Burned: 34
Start Time:
6:59 am
Distance: 6.59 mi
Time: 1:12:01 min
Avg Pace: 10:55 min/mi
Calories Burned: 686
Cool-down walk:
Start Time: 7:46 am
Distance: 0.31 mi
Time: 5:02 min
Avg Pace: 16:13 min/mi
Calories Burned: 32

We're supposed to go to the Road to Hana later on this morning, which as many of you might already know, is supposed to have some amazing waterfalls, black sandy beaches, & other beautiful delights of nature. The trip takes about 3 hours, so my Dad wants to be ready to leave by 8 am; there's supposed to be some hiking involved, so I'm running now in order to squeeze in my workout before the trip.

I again ran same path as yesterday, exploring even further out until I reached the outer limits of the golf course complex itself, which then dumped out onto a highway. By this time, which was about 25 minutes into the run, there were lots of cars on the road & I didn't feel like inhaling exhaust fumes, so I turned around & headed back to our villa. I knew I'd be repeating the trail a few times to finish out the run, so I did the latter portion a second time, since I hadn't run this part quite as often.

At around 35 minutes in, a kind & in-shape 50-something gentleman ran to catch up to me & hand me one of my empty water bottles that'd fallen out of my belt. I didn't even realize that I'd lost it along the trail, & so I was very grateful that he'd made the effort to return it to me. Of course I thanked him profusely for this kind gesture.

I had my headphones on, so I'm sure he probably tried to call out to me first, but of course, I couldn't hear him! But he didn't give up. Other people might've just let me continue running without caring whether or not I'd retrieved my water bottle. Thankfully, he was nice enough & motivated enough to chase me down & return my missing bottle.

He was obviously very fit, although I wasn't going fast enough to make chasing me a challenge. ;-) (I think I'd slowed down to an 11 minute mile by that point.) All the same, it was a kind gesture & I was glad to have my water bottle back.

At around the 55 minute mark, I decided to keep going. Yes, just another 5 minutes more. ;-) And then another 5 minutes. And so on & so forth, until I'd run about 6.2 miles again. (Yes, I know the Nike+iPod pedometer report says 6.54 miles, but subtract about 0.34 miles & that's probably more accurate.)

At the end of my run, I got "congratulated" by Lance Armstrong (via my Nike+iPod program) for having run my longest distance yet.


A few observations, noted while running: There are a lot of snails here. Yes, the traditional-looking kind with the shells that everyone envisions as a "snail." They look like the same kind of snails I used to see roaming through my grandfather's garden as a small child. The shells are dark brown and are variegated with white stripes in a typical spiral pattern.

The first time I went running with my sister we'd seen about 3 of them -- a little snail family! -- trying to cross the trail path. I joked that it'd take them another 8 hours to make it across. ;-)

I try to be very careful not to crush the little fellows; they usually hang out at the south end of trail, on the border where the villa complex ends and someone else's parcel of private property begins. There's a small locked gate to demarcate this zone.

Even though I'm wearing headphones, I still try to be aware of my surroundings, being mindful to look down as well as in back & all around me.

Apparently, other people aren't so mindful, as the other day I saw one of the snails lying crushed on the ground, its shell and body smashed into an almost unrecognizable pile of snail shell chips & mush. It wasn't a pretty site, and I felt kind of sad looking at it, because only the other day, it was alive and had probably been a member of the travelling "snail caravan" I'd seen only a few days ago.

It'd probably gotten mangled under foot or under wheel -- by either an unwitting runner, walker, or parent walking their child in a baby stroller. I didn't see it this morning, so apparently one of the groundsmen must've cleared it from the trail. It probably got an unceremonious "burial" in an unceremonious dumpster somewhere on the grounds. ;-)

There is also a great diversity of wildlife here. There are more types of birds and plants than I can shake a stick at & I'm determined to take a picture of as many of them as possible. I hope to eventually post those photos on Flickr at some point. So you can look forward to checking out these photos.... ;-)

OK, well I got to get back to the villa, to get ready for our trip.


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