Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1 Some Goings On + Bon Voyage!


Today, we went to the exhibit, Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul at the National Gallery of Art (in DC), which had an amazing display of ancient gold treasures from the "Bactrian hoarde," which had been hidden from the Taliban at great personal risk by some very brave individuals, & were now on display as part of a travelling exhibition. (Yes, we finally made it to the exhibit on our second attempt. ;-) )

If you're interested in checking it out, the exhibit is free to the public, & is only going to be in DC for a few more days (i.e. until September 7).

We made a point to catch the exhibit before it (& I!) left town. Of course, this meant that I had to get the majority of my packing & errand-running done before this afternoon, as I'm leaving very early tomorrow morning for Hawaii.

Needless to say, I've not run for the past three days, & so am behind schedule. That means that I need to fit in atleast 3 runs after my plane touches down in Hawaii. This is going to be an interesting challenge, as not only will I have to squeeze those 3 runs into the span of 4 days, but will also be simultaneously adjusting to the time difference, etc. Hopefully, I'll be up to accomplishing the task!

If I sound a bit pressured to squeeze in those runs, there's a good reason: I'm pretty sure I've gained a pound or two due to some heavy-duty "holiday" dining -- Since this past Thursday, it's kind of been a non-stop food-fest. ;-) We ate out on Saturday (Indian food for dinner), took home Mediterranean food for dinner on Sunday, & then went out for Mexican food tonight (i.e., Tuesday). Plus, I downed a whole box of raspberry Pimms for dessert last night. Yikes!

We don't normally eat out so much in such a short time span, but it's a combination of us wanting to save time & make things easy before the trip, & also live it up a bit before the two of us part for a while. Erik took a few days off so that we could spend some time together before my trip, & although we did run once together, we've been doing a lot more eating than running over the past few days! ;-)

I was going to run tonight, but frankly, was so full after dinner that by the time I'd digested my meal it was dark outside (!) & I knew by that point that it was too late to run. And, I knew that I'd have to get up in only a few hours anyhow.

It also didn't help that we'd waited a bit too long to eat a substantial meal today & were absolutely famished by the time dinner rolled around. (I'd only eaten a banana & eight almonds all morning & afternoon.) Of course, that usually leads to "desert-island eating" mentality. ;-) Again, normally, I'm prepared with interim snacks & meals, but it'd taken longer than expected to get all of my trip-related errands done, so we'd rushed out the door to get to the exhibit & had less time than expected.

Actually, I was supposed to run yesterday, but didn't (Ahem!), & thought I'd get around to it today. Hahahaha. You see where this is going. OK, whatever. Yes, I've been very busy -- packing, running errands, & trying to squeeze in all sorts of activities, etc., before my trip, but frankly, while some of the things on my "to do" list were priorities, other things were, well, just things I wanted to do. ;-)

Anyhow, this isn't an exercise in self-immolation, so I'm just going to leave the past in the past & move on. I'm determined to make a course correction on multiple fronts -- eating & running behaviors, etc. -- in the next few days.

To counter the effects of the past few days, I'll either have to run more than the scheduled 30 minutes for my next run, (as it probably wouldn't burn nearly enough calories to reverse the "damage" I'd done over the past few days!), or will need to add in a few extra days of running to fast-forward the calorie-burning. ;-)

I'd rather exercise more than eat less (than my normal caloric intake). ;-) So, while I'll be watching my overall calorie intake more carefully over the next few days, I'm certainly not going to do anything silly or rash -- I'm just going to eat the "normal" amount of food that I usually do & just go back to basics -- i.e., eating balanced meals, with healthy snacks spaced in between at regular intervals.

OK, enough about this. Time for bed. Got to get up very early tomorrow. Zzzzzz.

Have a good night everyone & thanks for your recent comments! Hope you're all doing well!


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Vikram Madan said...

Hope you have a great vacation! :-)

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