Monday, October 27, 2008

2 Win A Free DVD of "Run For Your Life" at Blaine's Blog, "Run To Win"


Although I've been really busy & haven't had much time to spend online as of late, today I managed to "make the rounds" of the blogosphere to see what my blogger pals have been up to lately. It was during this time that I discovered a contest that my pal Blaine is having on his blog, Run to Win.

He's giving away 5 copies of the newly released DVD, Run for Your Life.

To enter the contest, all you have to do is leave a comment on the contest page. (Be sure to include your name & email address in the appropriate fields of the blog's comments form. No need to worry about spam; your email address won't be publicly displayed.)

Plus, if you link to his contest page on your blog, you'll get a second contest entry!

The winner of the contest will be chosen by random drawing via

To enter the contest &/or to learn more about the contest rules, just click here.

If you are curious to learn more about the movie, you can read Blaine Moore's review here.

Good luck, everyone!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

2 "The Hurrier I Go, The Behinder I Get." ;-)


The funny little saying that forms the title of this post is not only one of life's great little truisms, but was also once long ago made into needlepoint art &, if I recall correctly, is currently hanging on a wall somewhere in my parents' house. Mom, if you're reading this post, feel free to comment on my blog to verify that recollection one way or the other. ;-)

Anyhow, this quote perfectly expresses how I've been feeling as of late. In my personal life, I've been absorbed in multitudinous time-intensive projects that seem to be taking forever (& right now, are probably also taking over my life!). They are all off-line activities (i.e., no computer required!), & so that probably explains why I seem to have "gone off the grid" in the electronic world as of late.

I've been so absorbed by these all-consuming activities that there hasn't been time to do much else!

So to address anyone who is wondering why I haven't responded to your emails, please know that I'm not intentionally ignoring you & (excluding spammers! ;-) ) do sincerely appreciate your emails! I'm just a bit overwhelmed by the mountains of work & the sheer volume of email I get on a daily basis. ;-) Of course, there are many more of you than me, so please be patient while I sift through the daily deluge of my Inbox, & take the time to craft thoughtful replies. ;-)

Have you ever had those moments in your life when you feel like you're inching along very slowly, but there's a lot of (external/internal) pressure to be making much greater strides? That pretty much sums up my current situation in terms of both the personal projects & the running.

For me, this is both literal & metaphoric. Although I haven't posted about my runs/workouts in a while, I've been working out here & there but haven't been running all that much. And it's not just about tapering for the upcoming race. ;-)

I'm honestly not really in the mood to explain why this has been the case, as I know it'll probably prompt a whole lot of questions that I really don't feel like answering. All I will say is that I've been dealing with some knee-related issues that could've been avoided. The whole situation could be summed up by that famous Homer Simpson-ism, "Doh!" ;-)

But that doesn't mean I'm out of commission entirely. I'm still working out, but when I stand on my feet for too long, the knee pain recurs. Not sure where that leaves me in terms of my status for the upcoming race, but I'm still able to workout, provided that I stay off my knees & use the bike & the elliptical machine.

Currently, the strategy has been to do 65 minute gym workouts to get the aerobic benefits of exercising (& to work out for the same amount of time that I'd be on my feet running 6.5 miles) but to avoid doing any load-bearing activities that put too much stress on the knees.

The only problem with that plan is that my last gym workout was on Monday, 10/20/08, & my last run (6.5 miles) was on 10/18/08. ;-)

In other words, I basically haven't done squat for a whole week.

OK, I'll admit that this past week I've been putting these projects ahead of everything else, including exercising. But since it's only been a week since my last workout, I think everything will be OK. Missing a week of exercise certainly isn't the end of the world. And I don't think I'll have lost too much fitness in that time. Plus, what's done is done. Can't get that time back now & won't let the missed workouts derail everything I've worked so hard to achieve.

So moving ahead, I just need to make sure that I'm doing more than a big fat zero next week. ;-)

However, this doesn't mean that I'm going to try to make up for all of those "missed workouts." That'd be insane. Furthermore, that kind of screwy thinking is the same type of stuff that derails people who've just eaten one too many pieces of pie & then think they've suddenly got to go off & exercise 24/7 &/or eat nothing the following week to make up for it. I can assure you I certainly won't be doing that!

Simply put, I'm a reformed perfectionist, & refuse to take the bait. No getting sucked into that "all or nothing" thinking that unseats/undoes many so people, not only just the perfectionists, but also those who are so attuned to habit that they can't break out of their molds, even if it'll help them in the long run. No getting stuck in a box or trapped by my own worst habits. Time to escape & choose new options!

To quote the inimitable Chaka Khan, "it's time to get out of your own way."

Plus, in the overall scheme of things, I realize that, even though there are a lot of things that really need to get done, hurrying along isn't really going to make them "get done" any faster. So the only option is to just take it one step at a time.

That piece of wisdom might seem simple & trite, but it's nonetheless a valuable lesson, well worth its weight in gold. When it comes to fitness accountability, I'd rather take the truth, straight-up, no chaser.

So, I can just recuperate the knees & still maintain fitness, I'm hoping to still run the race. Fingers crossed. Really want to run in it, but if the knees aren't in good shape by race time, I'm certainly not going to risk doing anything rash either. The point is to be able to keep running for a long time. That's much more important, long-term.

So, will any of you be running in the Rockville 5K/10K? If so, I'll see you there!

Good night all,

Friday, October 17, 2008

6 Look Ma, I'm Famous! 8-)


Wow, this is really a superfantastic warm fuzzy moment: My pal Steve Speirs of Run Bulldog Run just added one of my recent twitters to his blog's motivational quote page.

Thanks for the honor, Steve. Blush, blush. That's just too cool for words.

OK, well maybe just a few words. ;-)

To think that my brief little quote is keeping company alongside the quotes of inspirational greats like Jesse Owens, Hal Higdon, Steve Prefontaine, Ann Trason, Sir Roger Bannister, Dr. George Sheehan, Joe Henderson, & the like. Wow, just wow. I'm just humbled & thrilled.

Speaking of sports-related motivation, you might also be interested in following Steve's tweets because he's got plenty inspiring & uplifting words of wisdom to share.

Plus, he's a very thoughtful, kind of a guy, who knows how to say just the right thing to make someone's day. He's like the patron saint of nice guys. And in his case, nice guys certainly don't finish last. In fact, they often finish first. ;-)

7 Hundred Pushups People, Check THIS Out!


OK, just thought I'd point out that the Hundred Pushups program is now available as a very handy one page, pocket-sized, foldable printout (a.k.a., "pocketmod"), which can be obtained by clicking here.


Friday, October 10, 2008

0 Are You There, IRL World? It's Me, Cyberpenguin. :)


Erik just told me that some of our friends who live in the local area are now reading &/or possibly subscribing to this blog. (Earlier in the day, he'd been chatting with some mutual friends from his workplace who'd mentioned this to him.) Wow, that is just SO cool! I mean I was actually aware that a few family members & hometown friends were following this blog -- mostly because they told me so themselves! -- but didn't know that some of our local area friends were also doing the same. Now I'm certainly curious to know which of our friends from the DC area have been dropping by here on occasion. (Most of the people I'm describing don't have BlogCatalog or MyBlogLog IDs, so it's not like I can tell they're stopping by. :-) )

So no more lurking about (lurk, lurk!). How about saying "Hello!" in the comments section of this blog, or letting me know in some other fashion that you're been following this blog? ;) It'd be great to hear from you! C'mon IRL friends, don't be shy. :-D

I realize that this might require some of you to get a Blogger/Google or OpenID account, since I've disabled anonymous comments to curb spam and other undesirable behaviors. ;) So, in other words, you might want to get one of these accounts if you'd like to interact with me here. :) And, if you find that you browse blogs on a semi-regular basis, you'll probably want to get an account anyhow, as it provides a lot of value besides just being able to leave a comment. ;) For example: If you sign up for a Google account, you'll get access to a zillion different useful services, other than just the Blogger account component.

So, anyhow, I just wanted to give a shoutout to all of my real-world friends to thank you for following this blog, and to let you know that I know you're out there. :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

3 YES, This Is What I've Been Saying All Along!


For a brief moment, let's just ignore the fact that I haven't blogged about my last few runs like I usually do --the more important thing right now is that they're still getting done! ;-) -- & instead let's turn our focus to something I've been advocating on this blog for a very long time.

So what is this "something" that I've been yammering on & on about?

Simply put, it's the joy of running & working out! And by joy, I mean both "ectastic enthusiasm/happy anticipation" & "the absence of pain." ;-)

As many of you already know, the big eternal catchphrases of this blog (especially lately!) have been "moderation," "the 10% rule," "interval training," & "common sense."

And apparently I am not alone in my thinking, as this particular approach to fitness is spreading like wildfire & captivating the attention of many other people around the blogosphere. Lately I've seen articles like this spring up everywhere -- most recently, at Jeff Galloway's blog.

Whereas there once were many people crazily gung-ho about their fitness routines who then quickly lost motivation & petered out, now these same people seem to have finally learned their lessons & are now realizing the benefits of gradually building fitness over time for lasting conditioning/health benefits & sustained motivation.

Hallelujah! Finally people are beginning to see that those so-called "quick fixes" & "quick results" are nothing short of a "quick route to unecessary pain & injury"! Those dangerously quick results are often achieved at great cost to one's well-being. How much better it is to plan smartly & realistically & approach each day's workout one step at a time, focusing on our progress & celebrating each milestone along the way. That way, we are giving ourselves every opportunity to succeed!

I'm sure we probably have the ever-popular Couch to 5K interval training program to thank, in part, for this sweeping change in public perception. Through this program, so many people have actively experienced how effective gradual interval training can be!

In some cases, this shift in attitude is most likely due to the maturation process itself: the hard-earned wisdom of adulthood has at long last replaced the impatience of youth. ;-) After all, many marathoners are age 30 & above. ;-)

The other important part of this enlightened attitude has to do with an overall shift in perception about exercise itself. People are starting to realize that exercise doesn't have to hurt & yes, oh my goodness, it can actually be fun!

Now I realize that there are many people who still think of exercise as work. However, I suggest that if you feel this way, that you might want to re-examine that sentiment, & carefully reconsider what prior experiences might've led to those conclusions. But it's probably not a good idea to focus on the "why's" of that aspect for too long. For once you realize what led you to those thoughts, maybe you could then consider the equal possibility that exercise -- the right physical activity for the right person, mind you -- can be a sublime experience, & that this way of exercising & thinking about exercising is well within the realm of possibility. After all, "exercise" is just another word for "moving your body."

Well, when it's phrased like that, it doesn't seem so bad now, does it?! 8-)

Exercise can be fun, joyous even! When we are open to that possibility, it sure changes our attitude, and fast!

And might I suggest that if you don't think exercise can be fun, then maybe you're doing the wrong exercise. ;-)

Not everyone's cut out for every sport or activity, so if running's not your thing, that's perfectly fine. Take your pick & find something fun that you truly enjoy!

So once you start taking that first step -- & you don't have to think much further than "OK, I'll just lace up my sneakers, go out the door, & see what I feel like doing...." -- you'll be surprised at what you can do.

Those first few steps can jumpstart something really incredible. It's a beautiful journey just waiting to happen....

Maybe you'll want to set some small goals & track your progress, or maybe you'd just rather pick a workout program & focus on completing it. Whatever works for you!

And then, when you start seeing your progress, you'll want to keep going! It's so incredibly motivating!

The process of reaching new milestones then transforms into something else, as your mind & body slowly begin to readjust to new possibilities.

Monday, October 6, 2008

4 Next Stop, "Marathon Planet"!!!!


Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like everyone around them is marathoning these days?! Everywhere I go -- the supermarket, the bookstore, the hair salon, boutique, hotel lobby, etc. -- I bump into people who are either running in a marathon very soon (i.e., Chicago, NYC, etc.) or training for their next one. It's unbelievable.

OK, well it probably has to something to do with the area I live in (running is HUGE here!), & my age bracket (30 something to 40 something! ;-) ), both of which rank higher-than-average on the "marathoning" demographics chart.

But going a bit deeper, I think I know why there are so many runners & marathoners in this area. And that reason has everything to do with the immense amount of brainpower congregated in this little swampy patch of the universe, otherwise commonly known as the Greater Washington DC area. ;-)

Of course the connection is that we runners are a fairly cerebral & contemplative bunch, & well, DC is full of thinkers -- think tanks, lawyers, politicians, technical & policy writers, news & political correspondents, etc. From the vantage point of a person who's lived in this area for over 15 years, it's not exactly an earth-shattering revelation, but it does possibly explain the reason behind the large concentration of runners in this area. And likewise, it also explains why there are so many running clubs per square mile in this region of the country, & also why the MCRRC is one of the largest running clubs in the nation.

Chances are, that if you threw a Garmin Forerunner up in the air anywhere in the Greater Washington DC area, there'd probably be a runner standing somewhere nearby to dash off in time to catch it, so it wouldn't hit the ground & break into 50 million pieces. Now I've never dropped a Garmin before (I'm saying this with my fingers crossed), but I'm not about to test that theory either. ;-)

This area is "analysis heaven." And when those DC thinkers need to blow off steam & get the thinking-machine juices running again, they do what so many other DC area people do -- They go out for a run!

Not so surprising really, when you come to think about it. The body moves the mind, & vice versa.

I wonder if anyone else has blogged about this correlation? The link between the prevalence of runners in the DC-MD-VA area & the braintrust that exists here?

What if someone were to poll the runners in this area by job title? I'd like to see the results of that poll! Wouldn't you?! I bet the results would be fascinating. In all likelihood, I bet someone's already done it.....


But as to why I notice so many people training for marathons, it's most likely because I'm training for one myself, so the radar's a little bit more sensitive. I'm highly attuned. My ears perk up when I hear the word "running" or "marathon," & then I just have to engage that person in a conversation to find out what race they're training for, what they thought of the last race they ran, or what their opinion is of running-related product X or Y, . ;-)

By now, I'm sure that my non-running friends & family are probably sick-to-death of hearing me go on & on about "my favorite topics" -- running, marathon training, working out, nutrition, etc. ("Yep, there she goes again!" ;-) ), but for those of us who run & are passionate about the sport, it's certainly a conversation-starter.

And it's the reason why complete strangers have been known to talk to each other at road races & even on the trail. ;-) It just gives people that natural connecting point. A comfortable commonality. And because I live in a city, it also usually removes the "freak factor" that typical jaded city dwellers usually associate with people who strike up friendly conversations with absolute strangers. (I bet many of you are probably picturing insane drunks talking to themselves & others on the subway at 2 am, right?! ;-) )

And while I certainly understand the reasoning behind the "Don't talk to strangers" premise for children, I generally disregard it as an adult. I'm not one of those "typical jaded city dwellers," & probably never will be, despite the fact that I do live in a city. It's just not in my nature. Plus, I've found that you don't typically get very far in this world if you only stick to what & whom you know. Of course, I'm not talking about doing something rash or stupid, but when you own your own business, by the very definition of entrepreneurship, you've got to put yourself out there. There is no "hiding" when you are the face of your business. That's for sure!

And so of course, that means that I'm constantly meeting new people through my business & various networking outlets.

And the same goes for the running. While I don't typically consider myself a "joiner" -- I'm not a big fan of the initial awkwardness or the seemingly temporary & somewhat superficial nature of certain social connections which can be commonly associated with joining activity groups -- I am really happy that I joined the MCRRC.

And it's not just so I can endlessly discuss marathon training with other like-minded people, OK?! ;-)

One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is the quality of human beings I've met through this organization & through the running community at large. I've found a lot of people with whom I genuinely connect. It feels like home; I'm truly happy to find some people who "get" me & of course, love the sport of running as much as I do.

Maybe some of you are nodding your head right now, because you completely understand & feel the exact same way. And then perhaps others of you are possibly perplexed by this statement. I have no idea. Maybe you'll comment on this blog post & let me know. ;-)

But seriously, I think that I've just hit on one of the core reasons that I'm currently living on "Marathon Planet." It's not just about seeing what I can accomplish. I'm trying to find meaning and meaningful human connections through running & the marathon/marathon training experience. And of course, let's not forget the fun aspect either!

And while most days I might train alone or with Erik, I'm very much looking forward to the time when I'll become part of that larger human experience of running in a marathon. I can't wait to feel that awesome overwhelming emotion of being surrounded by swelling masses of humanity all lined up at the starting line..... I want to know what that whole marathon experience feels like. I can't wait to experience it.

Of course, it's something that I can only guess at or imagine -- the reel of the opening race sequences of "Spirit of the Marathon" are playing in my head! -- mostly because I've yet to run one. But from what I hear from my friends who've already done one, it's such a surreal & almost indescribable experience.

2010 Shamrock Marathon, here I come!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

3 Just Asked John "The Penguin" Bingham for An Interview!


Those of you who read Runner's World will undoubtedly know John "The Penguin" Bingham as a long-standing (& humorous!) running advice columnist. OK, I just realized that to those who aren't yet familiar with his name, the moniker of John "The Penguin" Bingham might sound like the name of a mob hitman along the lines of Bugsy "Twinkle Toes" Malone - LOL!, but from what I can tell, John seems like a very nice & normal, down-to-earth kind of a guy.

Now, having stated the above, please witness the following recent twitters:

cyberpenguin john bingham is a penguin after my own heart: wonder if he tweets?! ;-) maybe if not, i should ask him to start!

cyberpenguin ok, just commented on the runner's world blog of john bingham, a.k.a. "the penguin." only problem is typepad thinks my comment is spam. :-(

Well, as the above twitters indicate, I decided that I would contact John Bingham & see if I could get him to start twittering. And also drop some helpful information to help him get started.

The only problem is that Runner's World blogs use Typepad, & as you can see from the above tweet, Typepad's anti-spam filter now thinks my comment on John Bingham's blog is spam.

My comment is being "held ransom" until the blog's author approves it.

So, until my comment is published on his website, I'll just list it here, for safe keeping. Who knows? Maybe John "The Penguin" Bingham might actually visit my blog? (After all, I did list the plain text URL in my comments - which, come to think of it, might be why the spam bot thinks the comment's spam!) And maybe, just maybe, he'll see this comment & realize that I'm not some kind of spamming kook & actually want to help him by bringing some beneficial technology to his blog. I also mentioned a few of my fellow twittering runner pals' blogs in there, so check it out & see if your name's been listed! ;-)

So here are the comments I tried to post to John's blog:

Hi John,

Another fellow penguin here. ;-) I'm a big fan of your Runner's World column & have been reading it for many years.

Got a great idea for you: Have you ever considered using Twitter ( to broadcast information to your friends & fans about various topics? It can also be used to converse & get updates from others as well. It's one of the more dynamic & effective applications out there on the web.

You can also send "twitters" to specific people or direct message them. This allows people to have a dynamic conversation with each other & also get updates from each other on various topics. Lots of famous people & politicians have even gotten into the act as a way of "staying current." And now runners have officially gotten into the act as well!

You can add a widget to your blog page to encourage other people to "follow you" so that they'll get your updates. (You're welcome to view my blog to view an example. ;-) )

One of my pals, John Frenette of, (a running music website & blog), started a Twitter group called "Go Run," (, which tracks running-related twitters. There's also a great listing of runners who twitter at my friend Tim's blog,, as well.

More information about the concept of Twitter + Runners is also available on our Blog catalog running group called "Runners, Runners, Everywhere!", Steve Speirs (, a.k.a., the "British bulldog," of "" fame is also a participant in this forum. (Steve, John, & Tim are all great guys!)

Of course, we'd be honored if you'd consider joining our Blog Catalog running forum!

(BTW, Blog Catalog is a great place for people to promote their blogs. Out of all the social networking groups, this site is one of the more friendly & normal places on the Internet. ;-) )

Would you perhaps be up for a phone interview one of these days? I'd love to feature you either on my running blog or or at our Blog Catalog running forum.

Look forward to hearing your reply!

Corey Irwin (a.k.a., Cyberpenguin)
Twitter ID:

Friday, October 3, 2008

0 Two Articles on Runner Safety (Some Backdated Posts for Your Reading Pleasure....)


OK, I just finished two backdated posts on runner safety-related issues. Here they are:

Are Some People Just Crazy?! Debating The Merits of Running In Record High Temperatures & Humidity (7/30/08)

Is That Pepper Spray in Your Pocket, Or Are You Just NOT Very Glad to See Me!?! ;-) (8/3/08)

0 Moving On to New Goals


OK, it's once again time for a goal re-eval/reconfig....

My currently-listed training goals are as follows:

WEEKLY GOALS (8/17/08-11/15/08):
--Do warm-up/cool-down walks & stretch.
Run BBOHR program, 3x/wk (until 9/20/08).
HPTP, 3x/wk. (until 9/20/08).
--50 crunches 1x/wk.***
--3 sets leg lifts/squats x 20 reps (each leg), 1x/wk.***

--Drink 8 8-oz. glasses of water a day.
--Eat 3 meals & 3 snacks (Eat 6x/day).
--Take multivitamins & glucosamine chondroitin daily.

SHORT-TERM GOALS (6/07/08-11/15/08):

--Complete BBOHR by 9/20/08.
--Complete HPTP by 9/20/08.

--Lose an additional 8-10 lbs. by 11/15/08. (A secondary goal.)
--Lose 5% BF by 11/15/08. (A primary goal.)
--Register, train, & run in the Rockville 5K/10K, on 11/2/08, 8:30 am.

LONG-TERM GOALS (8/03/08-12/31/10):
--Reduce BF% to 14-18% by 5/30/09.
--Run & successfully complete my 1st marathon, (possibly by 12/31/10). (Will revisit this goal in late 2008. Considering doing the Shamrock as my first marathon.)
--Follow modified Abs Diet + Canyon ranch meal plan for maintenance.

--Weight train regularly, starting with 1x/wk. Over next 1-2 yrs., do 100 pushups, 5oo sit-ups, 100 leg lifts, & bench-press body wgt.***

--Run a 5K in 27:54 & a 10K in 55:00, or a 9 minute mile pace.

(*** = Goals needing further revision & refinement.)

And now for a drastic revision:

WEEKLY GOALS (10/02/08-11/15/08):
--Do warm-up & cool-down walks, & stretch.
--Run Penguinator 10K Program 4x/wk.

--Do HPTP, 3x/wk.
--50 crunches 1x/wk.
--Drink 8 8-oz. glasses of water a day.
--Eat 3 meals & 3 snacks (Eat 6x/day).
--Take multivitamins & glucosamine chondroitin daily.

SHORT-TERM GOALS (10/02/08-11/15/08):

--Complete the Penguinator 10K Program by 10/31/08.
--Train, & run in the Rockville 5K/10K, on 11/2/08, 8:30 am.
--Complete HPTP by 11/15/08.
--Lose an additional 8-10 lbs. by 11/15/08. (A secondary goal.)
--Lose 5% BF by 11/15/08. (A primary goal.)

LONG-TERM GOALS (10/02/08-3/31/10):
--Reduce BF% to 14-18% by 5/30/09.
--Run a 5K in 27:54 & a 10K in 55:00, or a 9 minute mile pace.
--Register, train, & successfully complete my 1st marathon, 2010 Shamrock Marathon (March 2010).
--Follow modified Abs Diet/Canyon Ranch meal plan/Runner's Diet for maintenance.


I've decided to get rid of any unnecessary fluff goals which, at the moment, just seem to serve as extra padding but aren't entirely realistically achievable, given my current schedule. So I'm going to streamline, streamline, streamline, baby!

Anyhow, I can always revisit old goals later that I've temporarily tucked out of sight for lack of time. It's more important right now to present a succinct & cohesive plan geared for success!

0 Run 1, Week 1 (P10K): A Speedy Guac & Salsa Powered Run! ¡Arriba, Arriba… Ándale! Ándale! ;-)


Weather Conditions:
Temp: 66° FHumidity:68%
Warm-up Walk:Start Time: 7:03 pm
Distance: 0.39 miTime: 6:00 minAvg Pace: 15:13 min/miCalories Burned: 41
Start Time:
7:10 pm
Distance: 6.50 miTime: 1:07:09 minAvg Pace: 10:18 min/miCalories Burned: 677
Cool-down walk:
Start Time: 8:36 pmDistance: 0.40 mi
Time: 6:31 min
Avg Pace: 16:16 min/miCalories Burned: 41

Well, as most of you Twitterers already know, I procrastinated the hell out of doing my second run of the week, but it finally got done. ;-) Yes, I finally ran the appointed 6+ miles. Actually, it was 6.5 miles according to the Nike+iPod pedometer, which means that, in reality, I ran a 10K. ;-) (The screwy algorithms of the Nike+iPod never cease to amaze me.....)

Anyhow, today was the first run of my new running program, which I've cheekily dubbed "The Penguinator 10K." (And now it's also become my new nickname, thanks to my pal, Steve. ;-) ) It's for all you other running penguins out there, who, like me, secretly think you can fly. ;-)

Since the program's brand spanking new & is still in beta-testing mode (yes, I'm the beta-tester! ;-) ), the usual legal disclaimers & precautions also apply for this workout program as well, as stated for all previous running programs developed by yours truly.

Anyhow, enough boring legal crapola, & on with the run. I did 6.5 miles with roughly 4-5 hills of varying elevation grades at a 10K pace. Mission accomplished!

Took a slightly different path than my usual route to work in some more challenging hills, & ended up doing the last 2 laps around the usual lake. (I don't mind running the last few laps around the lake, especially when it starts to get dark! I like to think of them as "victory laps," because the fast & familiar ground usually gives me a big psychological boost at the end; and I like to finish out my run on a high note. ;-) )

Here are the splits, (which should be considered with a grain of salt, because of the aforementioned screwy Nike+iPod algorithms, but nonetheless....):

Mile 1 = 10:01
Mile 2 = 9:32
Mile 3 = 10:01
Mile 4 = 10:56
Mile 5 = 8:18
Mile 6 = 11:01
Mile 6.5 = 8:40

A great improvement in pace over previous runs, n'est-ce pas?! ;-)

If I can sustain this kind of momentum, maybe I can set a new PR by race day, eh?! Who knows. Anything's possible.....

As far as energy goes: I think the guac, salsa, & chips I ate for dinner beforehand really did the trick. I had mucho energy! Really bounded up those hills like a gazelle. (Yes, the guac recipe's coming, as promised.....)

OK, well that about wraps it up for tonight's post. Hope you all are doing well & feeling healthy!

Have a good night!

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