Friday, October 10, 2008

0 Are You There, IRL World? It's Me, Cyberpenguin. :)


Erik just told me that some of our friends who live in the local area are now reading &/or possibly subscribing to this blog. (Earlier in the day, he'd been chatting with some mutual friends from his workplace who'd mentioned this to him.) Wow, that is just SO cool! I mean I was actually aware that a few family members & hometown friends were following this blog -- mostly because they told me so themselves! -- but didn't know that some of our local area friends were also doing the same. Now I'm certainly curious to know which of our friends from the DC area have been dropping by here on occasion. (Most of the people I'm describing don't have BlogCatalog or MyBlogLog IDs, so it's not like I can tell they're stopping by. :-) )

So no more lurking about (lurk, lurk!). How about saying "Hello!" in the comments section of this blog, or letting me know in some other fashion that you're been following this blog? ;) It'd be great to hear from you! C'mon IRL friends, don't be shy. :-D

I realize that this might require some of you to get a Blogger/Google or OpenID account, since I've disabled anonymous comments to curb spam and other undesirable behaviors. ;) So, in other words, you might want to get one of these accounts if you'd like to interact with me here. :) And, if you find that you browse blogs on a semi-regular basis, you'll probably want to get an account anyhow, as it provides a lot of value besides just being able to leave a comment. ;) For example: If you sign up for a Google account, you'll get access to a zillion different useful services, other than just the Blogger account component.

So, anyhow, I just wanted to give a shoutout to all of my real-world friends to thank you for following this blog, and to let you know that I know you're out there. :)

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