Saturday, October 4, 2008

3 Just Asked John "The Penguin" Bingham for An Interview!


Those of you who read Runner's World will undoubtedly know John "The Penguin" Bingham as a long-standing (& humorous!) running advice columnist. OK, I just realized that to those who aren't yet familiar with his name, the moniker of John "The Penguin" Bingham might sound like the name of a mob hitman along the lines of Bugsy "Twinkle Toes" Malone - LOL!, but from what I can tell, John seems like a very nice & normal, down-to-earth kind of a guy.

Now, having stated the above, please witness the following recent twitters:

cyberpenguin john bingham is a penguin after my own heart: wonder if he tweets?! ;-) maybe if not, i should ask him to start!

cyberpenguin ok, just commented on the runner's world blog of john bingham, a.k.a. "the penguin." only problem is typepad thinks my comment is spam. :-(

Well, as the above twitters indicate, I decided that I would contact John Bingham & see if I could get him to start twittering. And also drop some helpful information to help him get started.

The only problem is that Runner's World blogs use Typepad, & as you can see from the above tweet, Typepad's anti-spam filter now thinks my comment on John Bingham's blog is spam.

My comment is being "held ransom" until the blog's author approves it.

So, until my comment is published on his website, I'll just list it here, for safe keeping. Who knows? Maybe John "The Penguin" Bingham might actually visit my blog? (After all, I did list the plain text URL in my comments - which, come to think of it, might be why the spam bot thinks the comment's spam!) And maybe, just maybe, he'll see this comment & realize that I'm not some kind of spamming kook & actually want to help him by bringing some beneficial technology to his blog. I also mentioned a few of my fellow twittering runner pals' blogs in there, so check it out & see if your name's been listed! ;-)

So here are the comments I tried to post to John's blog:

Hi John,

Another fellow penguin here. ;-) I'm a big fan of your Runner's World column & have been reading it for many years.

Got a great idea for you: Have you ever considered using Twitter ( to broadcast information to your friends & fans about various topics? It can also be used to converse & get updates from others as well. It's one of the more dynamic & effective applications out there on the web.

You can also send "twitters" to specific people or direct message them. This allows people to have a dynamic conversation with each other & also get updates from each other on various topics. Lots of famous people & politicians have even gotten into the act as a way of "staying current." And now runners have officially gotten into the act as well!

You can add a widget to your blog page to encourage other people to "follow you" so that they'll get your updates. (You're welcome to view my blog to view an example. ;-) )

One of my pals, John Frenette of, (a running music website & blog), started a Twitter group called "Go Run," (, which tracks running-related twitters. There's also a great listing of runners who twitter at my friend Tim's blog,, as well.

More information about the concept of Twitter + Runners is also available on our Blog catalog running group called "Runners, Runners, Everywhere!", Steve Speirs (, a.k.a., the "British bulldog," of "" fame is also a participant in this forum. (Steve, John, & Tim are all great guys!)

Of course, we'd be honored if you'd consider joining our Blog Catalog running forum!

(BTW, Blog Catalog is a great place for people to promote their blogs. Out of all the social networking groups, this site is one of the more friendly & normal places on the Internet. ;-) )

Would you perhaps be up for a phone interview one of these days? I'd love to feature you either on my running blog or or at our Blog Catalog running forum.

Look forward to hearing your reply!

Corey Irwin (a.k.a., Cyberpenguin)
Twitter ID:


TexasTesla said...

Maybe it's just that you left such a lengthy message? Although URLs do tend to flag as well.

cyberpenguin said...

I don't think that it because if you look at some of the comments left by other people, they are often longer than mine! ;-)

I think it's most likely the URLs that caused the issue.

Rolando said...

I hope he gets back to you and that you get published. That would be great!

It's not everyday that people get a chance to talk to talents such as John.

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