Tuesday, November 11, 2008

6 2009 Race Schedule: Racing Into The New Year....


Here are some of the races I'm considering for 2009 & beyond:

1/1/09 - New Year's Day 5K

MARCH 2009:
TBD (probably late March) - Piece of Cake 5K

APRIL 2009:
4/5/09, 7:50 am - Cherry Blossom 10-Miler
4/18/09, 6:30 am - Charlottesville Half Marathon
4/26/09, 8 am - GW Parkway Classic 10-Miler/5K
TBD (probably late April) - Pike's Peek 10K

MAY 2009:
5/3/09, 6:30 am - Frederick Half Marathon
--OR --
5/3/09, 7 am - Potomac River Run Half Marathon
5/31/09, 7 am - ZOOMA Annapolis Half Marathon & 10K

JUNE 2009:
TBD (probably early June) - Capital Crescent 5K
6/13/09, 9 am - Sunbury YMCA 23rd Annual 5K
TBD (probably late June) - Run for Roses 5K

JULY 2009:
TBD (probably mid July) - Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K
TBD (probably late July) - Riley's Rumble (Half Marathon)

AUGUST 2009:
TBD (probably late August) - Kentlands 5K

TBD (probably mid-September) - Parks Half Marathon

10/4/09 - Army 10-Miler

TBD (probably early November) - Rockville 5K/10K
TBD (probably early November) - Harrisburg Marathon* (Might run this event as a relay team.)

TBD (probably mid-December) - Jingle Bell Jog 8K

MARCH 2010:
TBD (probably late March) - Ocean Drive Marathon*
TBD (probably late March) - Shamrock Marathon*

* = Whichever marathon I decide upon (I'm picking just one, in either late 2009 or early 2010), it'll be my very first marathon!


Obviously, the above schedule still needs a bit more fine-tuning, & as it's still fairly early, nothing's been set in stone just yet.

As I continue to build my mileage with the intent of running my first marathon in late 2009 or early 2010, it certainly feels great to be lining up possible venues for next year, & at the same time, to begin thinking about next year's prospects & goals!

So what are your big hopes & dreams for the upcoming year? What are your goals? Are you at the outset of your fitness program (i.e., trying to get back into shape), or have you been working out for a while now & are perhaps looking to set some new PRs?

Have you begun to think about road races for 2009 & if so, what racing events do you plan to do?

Here's to fulfilling those big hopes & dreams in 2009 & beyond!



raulgonemobile said...

Yeah, I need to get my 2009 plan into shape. (Have to get myself into shape, too)

I'm hoping to end 2008 with a decent amount of training, and ramp up to a spring marathon. Unfortunately, the last time I did 13.1, I had over-trained and I hurt myself in the process.. Hopefully I'm older and wiser. Certainly older.

Dane said...

We may get to finally meet at Frederick!

cyberpenguin said...

@raulgonemobile Sounds like you are definitely wiser! 8-) I look forward to hearing more about your training plan & races.

@dane COOL! That'd be great!

cymrusteve said...

nice plan! may see you at frederick then...

which ones are your "A" races?

exciting to be thinking about your first marathon. i bet you can't wait!


cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, Steve! Well, now I might just have to make the Frederick Half an "A" race, just so I can meet up with you & Dane! ;-)

As for as "A" races go, I'll probably be running most of the local races on the list, provided the dates don't conflict with each other, but am not sure which marathon I'll be picking at this point! There are so many factors to consider in the decision-making process!

Yes, it is rather exciting to be planning for the 1st marathon! As a newbie marathoner-to-be/-in-training, it's great to see you doing your 5 gazillionth one & still enjoying it! ;-) Good luck this weekend!

TexasTesla said...

Wow, that's quite the list! I'm looking at maybe three 5k's. (My son is dying to try a half-marathon with me, but I'm just not ready for that) Good luck on all that training...and great job with the PR at King of the Road!

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