Sunday, November 30, 2008

2 Turkey Burnoff 5-Miler: Just A Quickie Post


Just wanted to share the results of the Turkey Burnoff 5-Miler. It was a fun race with lots of hills to keep things interesting. ;-)

Hmmmm, OK, this is really weird. I just checked the results again, just a few seconds ago, & it looks like my posted finish time has been revised. I was originally listed 92 out of 172 female finishers, but now I'm listed as 90/171. How did they lose a person in the process? ;-)

(Still ranked as 15 out of 25 in my age group though.)

Also, my times have dropped from 51:26 (or a 10:17 pace) to 51:14 (or a 10:14 pace).

That's really odd! Not sure it's accurate though, because unless the clock was off, I remember seeing 51:24 on the digital timer clock as I was nearing the finish line (& have got a photo taken by Erik to confirm it too!). Were they going by gun time or net time? Maybe that explains the discrepancy. Oh well, either way, I'll take it! 8-)

Full race results can be viewed here.


raulgonemobile said...

The person was taken by a UFO...

But seriously, good job on the race.

cyberpenguin said...

Hahahahaha! That's a new explanation I'm sure the race officials haven't considered yet. ;-)

Thanks! Appreciate your support, Raul!

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