Thursday, November 6, 2008

5 New Posts Are Coming Soon, I Promise!


Yes, I know there are lots of missing posts. Lots of runs & a road race, but no posts. Promise to rectify that soon. Also some fitness & nutrition articles coming shortly as well. So stay tuned!


Rolando said...

Alrighty Corey, I'll be waiting. Take your time :) I've got some Holiday grapes to hold me over. These grapes are huge!

cymrusteve said...

you must be suffering from twitteritis too....

hard to blog when you're twittering so much :)


cyberpenguin said...

Appreciate it! Good thing you've got plenty of yummy grapes to tie you over. ;-) See you in Twitterland....

You've got a really good point. This twittering stuff is dangerously addictive & should probably come with a warning label! ;-) Plus, it's all too easy to tweet "I just ran 6 mi today," etc., etc., versus writing a whole blog post about it. ;-)

How did yesterday's 5K race go? Did you have fun? Hope it went well for you & your team!

So should we expect to see a blog post shortly, or perhaps some related tweets? ;-)


Heather H. said...

Hi Corey,

Long time reader, first time poster. How I love your blog!

My family and I are always looking for cool tips to keep us in shape, encouraged, and we love to read up on the latest news in your world.

Another thing we are always on the lookout for is a great deal on new gear. It can get so expensive it makes my wallet hurt! With the way the economy has been, any deal is better than none. So, I was surfing the 'net one day and low and behold - I've found another goldmine for all my gear needs, year-round. I decided to de-lurk a moment and share this treasure with my fellow readers:

Whether you're trying to keep in shape, testing your hiking endurance under a hot summer day, running a marathon, walking across the city, or across the country, ZBsports has you covered. They have the best new gear in stock everyday, with prices that blow the competition out of the water. At other sites, you might see a sale now or then, but at ZBsports, every day is a great deal (not to mention the blowout sales they have on select products every month of the year.)

I've had nothing but good experiences with ZBsports. Their product selection is fantastic, their customer service is excellent - nicest people you'd ever want to talk to, very helpful. Oh, and their holistic approach to retail, and donating a portion of their profits to charity...How cool is that?! It's definitely something that I always want to be a part of.

Fellow readers: I urge you to spread the word to friends and family: ZBsports rocks! Go to and check it out for yourself. You won't regret it!

cyberpenguin said...

Hi Heather,

It's great to hear from you! So glad to hear that you are enjoying this blog. You've certainly made my day! 8-)

Thanks for taking the time to comment & share your thoughts & personal recommendations with all of us here!

Just checked out & it looks like a great online resource. If you check out this blog's sidebar, you'll see that their website now appears in this blog's list of online retailers. ;-) Thanks so much for the great tip!

Of course, personal endorsements from satisfied customers are always the best kind of recommendations, because they are specific, real, & based on actual product experience. So are there any specific products you've bought from that you'd like to recommend? I love hearing about people's product recommendations too! 8-)

You'll be happy to know that I'm got some posts in the works about some of the very same topics you've mentioned above -- product reviews, online deals, fitness tips, & ideas on how to stay motivated, & keep exercise fun & interesting!

(In the interim, feel free to check out this blog's archive & links for related resources & articles.)

Thanks again for your comments & I look forward to hearing from you again!

Corey (a.k.a., Cyberpenguin)

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