Saturday, December 6, 2008

2 Has Cyberpenguin "Gone Fishing"? (Well, Sort Of!)


Hi All,

I feel like I need to put up one of those "Gone Fishing" signs -- in an online version. ;-) Hmmm, that would be quite apropos; after all, my online alias & alter ego IS "Cyberpenguin." ;-)

It seems that several tweeps & peeps are wondering why I'm "missing in action" online. I guess people seem to think I live there 24/7 (i.e., in cyberspace, that is!). Oh wait, that's right, I practically do. ;-) But seriously, it's nice to feel missed, so thank you for missing me. I miss you all too!

Those of you who didn't see my previous post (or perhaps didn't get the twitter memo ;-) Heheheh!), here's the reason for the deafening silence on Twitter (LOL!): I'm currently at home visiting with the 'rents. Their lives are not as "digitally oriented," so since I'll be hanging out with them over the next week, expect sporadic blogging & tweeting at best. ;-)

My mom broke her finger, & can't cook or do much of anything else, so basically that means that I'm in charge of the household (cooking, chores, straightening, cleaning, etc.) while the rest of the family are away. (Please note, the current "lapse" into domesticity is an anomaly & is only being done to help others. I'm not ordinarily the domestic type. Hell, I don't even do this much cooking & cleaning in my own home. ;-) However, when in Rome....)

Translation: More time spent with family & doing chores = less time spent online. ;-)

Plus, there's a new family member, a bulldog puppy named Lily (i.e., Lily Rose Irwin!), to take care of who is rather cute & needs lots of care & attention.

Right now, Lily is taking her afternoon nap. (We are tip-toeing around the house, so as not to wake her up.)

Here are a few photos of Lily, if you'd like to see what she looks like:

Oh yeah, and I ran 6.5-7 mi on Thursday afternoon. ;-) Will probably include a brief backdated post on that, whenever I can find the time!

Until then, enjoy the doggie pix. ;-)

And now, I'm off for my long weekend run. Have a great afternoon!



cymrusteve said...

Hope you're enjoying your break from the online world.

Lily is very cool, but I would say that wouldn't I? After all my blog is

Looks like you're doing great with the running and I'll be interested to see which marathon you choose for your first.


cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, Steve. It IS rather nice to take a break from it all! Sometimes I think that our electronic devices have become so much a part of us, they are almost like body appendages. 8-) It feels good to "unplug" from the electronic world from time to time, to renew ourselves & refresh our perspectives.

Also thanks regarding your compliments about Lily. Well, you just MIGHT be a little bit biased (Hahaha!), but Lily will certainly take the compliment! 8-)

Lily's lots of fun & is hilariously stubborn in a way that only a bulldog can be. Bulldogs certainly don't lack in personality, eh?! ;-) Bulldog expressions are a world unto themselves!

BTW, Lily sends a big "Woof!" shoutout to Morgan & Floyd. 8-)


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