Wednesday, December 24, 2008

2 Join Our Healthy Eating & Exercise Initiatives!


In conjunction with my pal Robert (a.k.a. "Running Hoosier")'s efforts -- i.e.,"Thirteen Weeks to a Healthier You" -- I've decided to launch a "Healthy Eating" initiative, which is intended to be a companion program. ;-)

After all, healthy eating is an important counterpart to exercising on a regular basis & maintaining a healthy weight!

I'll also be one of the featured guest bloggers on his site, along with many other running pals, & will be regularly posting links here to his blog, to help him launch his program & help recruit participants.

It's truly wonderful what he's trying to do & I support him 100%!

I'd also love to have him as a guest blogger here on this very blog, to talk more about his program, whenever he's available. Hint, hint. ;-)

Be on the lookout for more information about both programs in a bit......


Running Hoosier said...

Corey, Thanks for the plug and the "partnership" in helping others (as well as ourselves) learn about ways we can improve our health simply by diet and exercise. I believe too much emphasis is put on "magic diets and magic pills or drinks". Together we will, along with our other friends who will be sharing on our blogs as well. I would be more then happy to guest blog with you.


cyberpenguin said...

You're very welcome. Yes, the Running Hoosier & the Penguinator have joined forces & there's no stopping us now! :)

This is fantastic! I'm very happy to be working with you on both of these great projects!

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