Saturday, December 27, 2008

0 Check Out Just Finish & DailyMile


Hello Everyone!

I'd like to encourage you all to join the "Just Finish" & "DailyMile" communities. Both provide excellent fitness & nutrition resources, as well as motivation to stay active & eat healthfully.

There are lots of people who participate in both running/fitness-related groups, & especially if you are already plugged into the vast social network of runners & health-conscious folks out here in cyberspace (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, Wellsphere, Nike+, Runner+, CRN, Runner's Lounge, etc., & various other social networks), chances are you'll very likely know some people at these two particular sites already. If not, you can always invite all your existing buddies or make new friends while you're hanging out there. :)

So, once you join us, please help spread the word about both of these wonderful running sites!

To those of you who have already joined or who are currently in the process of signing up, thank you for your participation in these online running communities. It's people like you who help to make the running community a vibrant & exciting place to be!


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