Tuesday, December 9, 2008

3 Run 1, Week 17 (FIRST): Some Speedwork in the Dark!


Today, I ran 1.5 miles of warm-up laps around the track (i.e., 6 laps), followed by alternating intervals of 6 x (1/2 lap fast + 1 lap easy), & then another 1.5 miles for the cooldown. (In case you're curious & don't feel like doing the math ;-), that's 5.25 miles total.)

Due to scheduling & some other reasons that aren't worth going into, I ended up doing my workout in the dark (i.e., from a little after 5 pm until 6 pm or so). Or, more accurately, I began in dusk & ended in dark. 8-) (Although there are lights around the track, I don't have the key to turn them on!)

It was unseasonably warm outside, which while still somewhat windy, made tonight's workout very pleasant indeed! The workout felt good; although the speed intervals were certainly challenging (I estimate I ran them at around at 8-9 minute/mile pace), I made a quick recovery on the easy laps. (Didn't bring my iPod, because it keeps dying on me, so I'm obviously just guestimating the pace.)

Had to hurry home after tonight's workout, as our family is headed out shortly for a college basketball game (at 7 pm). OK, time to get ready, prepare dinner, & then head out for the game!

Goodnight all!


Running Hoosier said...

Great Job Corey..

cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, RH! 8-) How are you doing? Hope you are doing well & making a speedy recovery!

Thanks for your nice note in Twitter. I miss you too! (I should be back in Twitterland by this weekend, which is when I return back home. Have been away, helping out my mom for the past several days.)

Hope that you are feeling much better!


cymrusteve said...

Dark track workout sounds very much like my run the other evening. Well done for getting through it!

Hope you're having a great time with your folks....


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