Sunday, December 7, 2008

4 Some Revisions & Decisions RE: My Racing Calendar


Well, things are starting to take shape. Now that my marathon training program's in place, it's become vastly easier to make decisions regarding my racing calendar.

Having said that, it looks like Philadelphia (in November 2009) might very well be my first marathon. Several people have recommended this race to me as a good first marathon (including blogger pal Steve Heath), the course is relatively flat, it's close enough for my family to attend, it's a quick & easy train ride away, & I have a free place to stay, so all these factors certainly make the decision-process a heck of a lot easier! ;-)

Also, I've decided to do about 1-2 races per month, choosing the Frederick Half Marathon (5/3/09, 6:30 am) over the Potomac River Run Half Marathon (5/3/09, 7 am), & dropping the Shamrock Marathon (3/?/10, TBD) in favor of the Ocean Drive Marathon (3/?/10, TBD). The first of these decisions was easy to make, especially given the likely possibility of meeting up with runner pals at the Frederick Half. ;-) The second decision was not as easy, but logistics, familiarity with the area, & a free place to stay tipped the scales in favor of the latter marathon (i.e., Ocean Drive). (Both marathon courses are relatively flat, so course elevation wasn't really a factor in the decision-making process.) Also, Erik's family could possibly be there for Ocean Drive, which is another motivation. Maybe that'd also even convince Erik to start racing again & enter the 10 miler or the 5K, just so his family could see him race! ;-)

Of course, if I did Ocean Drive that'd be marathon number two, which is just too far-off into the future to contemplate. Just so you know, doing Ocean Drive isn't a certainty by any means! Let's first see how numero uno goes & if I even like the marathoning experience. I expect that I will, but one never knows. ;-) Let's first get to building up the mileage, & then see where things go from there. One step at a time!

I expect that the 2009 racing schedule will still have some kinks to be ironed out in the months to come. There's the possibility I might be going out of the country sometime in May, so that might also change my racing & training schedule a bit. (Whatever happens, I hope the Frederick Half will still be on my racing schedule, as I'm really looking forward to hanging out with our running buddies & meeting blogger pals Steve Speirs & Dane Rauschenberg face-to-face for the very first time. Both of them have said they plan to run the Frederick Marathon. Yay! How exciting! Can't wait!)

If I do end up going abroad, you better believe that I will be running wherever I am! ;-) Who knows what exciting possibilities lie ahead?! May I'll enter an international race or atleast have a really incredible backdrop for running!

All in all, I'm really looking forward to a year filled with new & exciting experiences, as well as meeting up with old friends & making some new ones too!

Hope you're all having a great Sunday afternoon!


Steve said...

Very cool on Philly! I think you'll like it. I probably won't know what I am running in the fall until next fall. :) I may see you in Frederick, though. I usually run something there. Run the full three times and was part of a relay last year. Thinking of doing the half this year.

Good luck on the training.

cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, Steve. That's great! I'm really looking forward to Philly!!!!!

Frederick seems like a really fun running festival from everything people say about it. In fact, Steve Speirs has also done this event several times as well; there's a great possibility that the two of you might've run the same events in previous years & not even have known it. :)

BTW, speaking of which, if you do decide to do Frederick, there will very likely be a few other runners there from our blogging/twittering circle of runner pals (i.e., Cymrusteve, Dane R., etc.). :) It'll be virtual-life intersecting with real-life. :) Pretty cool, eh?!

Hope to see you there!

Haven't yet applied to Philly (it looks like registration for 2009 hasn't started/opened yet). Do you know when registration typically opens (i.e., how many months in advance)? The reason I ask is that I know it's not uncommon for some long-distance races to require registration almost 9 months ahead of time. Yikes! :)

Since you ran it this year, just thought you might know. Thanks!

I look forward to hearing more more about your upcoming races!

Hope you had a very Merry X-mas with your family, & I wish you a Happy New Year!

Steve said...

I actually didn't sign up for Philly until August or Sept. I am bad at procrastinating when signing up for marathons. Not sure why. It didn't sell out until October, though, so you're good.

cyberpenguin said...

Thanks for the info, Steve! Good to know!

And right there, for the exact same reasons you just mentioned, is yet another reason to do the Philly Marathon. :)


Registration for Philly seems to be much more low-key than some of the larger-scale marathons. ;-) Thank goodness for THAT, eh?!

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