Thursday, January 29, 2009

0 6 Mile Run: Add One Dash of Fatigue & A Big Dose of Attitude ;-)


In brief: On schedule today, 6 mi. run at easy pace, i.e., 11 minutes (for 9:15 pace group). Did 6
mi run in 01:04, or an average pace of

Just a brief word of warning:
You know those two faces of Gemini? Well, the bad@$$ crabby one is here today. :) So don't expect my usual cheery "pep talks." ;-) I will try to keep the "wah-wah-wah-ing" to a minimum, but given the maelstrom of crabbiness going on here right now, there are simply no guarantees. :)

The That being said, please proceed with caution/at your own risk, & don't say I didn't warn you. :-0


It was REALLY icy outside, so I opted for a treadmill workout tonight instead of meeting up with our running group. (I am pretty hearty & hale, & will usually run outdoors in weather that scares most people away -- whether it be rain, snow, freezing cold temperatures, & wind -- but really icy conditions are something that I just don't do. So you know the ice has to be pretty bad for me not to run outside.)

As designated by our running clinic's workout schedule, tonight's run was supposed to be our typical Thursday night run -- i.e., an easy 6 miles, at a 10:30-11 minute mile pace.

Had kind of blah workout tonight, mostly because I was already tired (it was around 11:30 pm when I began my workout! Do you think it was possible for me to put off my run any longer today? ;-) ) & furthermore, wasn't exactly psyched to be running on the treadmill. (And yes, in case you were wondering, the second part of that last sentence contributed directly to the first part. ;-) The amount of procrastination is directly proportionate to the amount of resentment I often feel at being forced to workout indoors on a treadmill. :) )

Actually felt fairly strong for the first 4 miles, (keeping to a 10:30 pace for all 4 miles), but the last two were a real struggle tonight (i.e., closer to an 11:00 pace). This is unusual, because I normally don't have any difficulty completing 6 miles at a 10:30 pace.

Although I was tired, a lot of it was mental. I just couldn't wait for tonight's workout to be done & over with as soon as possible!

I don't care if people say that treadmill workouts build mental toughness: For me, that's not the issue; rather, it's about just finding a way to not want to scream from boredom. :) Doing an hour or more on a treadmill is seriously dull, even if one's workout is accompanied by inspirational, high BPM music. On a treadmill, that seems to only help to get one going for a few prolonged bursts at a time. :)

It's weird, because I'm usually the type of person who can easily find ways of occupying my thoughts for hours on end. However, during tonight's t-mill workout, it was a real challenge to keep my mind focused.

Part of it is that running on a treadmill is not at all like the smooth calming feeling of running on the road. It feels all herky-jerky & unsettling, like one is "chained" to the machine & being pulled (or rather dragged!) along unevenly by an imaginary forklift or crane. It's that "hamster in a wheel" feeling that just has me all out of sorts, mentally & physically!

OK, enough feeling irritated & crabby about tonight's t-mill workout. Hopefully tomorrow's run can be done outside!

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