Tuesday, January 6, 2009

6 6 Mile Treadmill Run: Set a New PR Tonight! Yay!


Who-hoooo! I just set a new PR during tonight's 6 mi. training run! Did 6 miles in 59:20. YAY!

Really pushed it tonight. Felt on the edge of just being able to hold onto my pace. HR was in the mid 2 high 160s! Yay!

Forgot to bring water to the gym tonight (which I almost NEVER forget, because an hour is a long time to go without any water & feeling dehydrating is lethally yucky!). Wasn't exactly a "comfortable" run because of the resultant dehydration. Thankfully there was a water fountain in the hallway. Drank like a camel afterwards!

Also forgot to bring Nike+ ipod arm band, so my iPod flew off the t-mill & had to be retrieved a few times during moments of great exertion. Oops. LOL. But who cares, because atleast it shows I was putting in some major effort!

For some reason, the gym was filled with lots of women. The two on the treadmill next to me seemed more interested in gabbing than working out. :)

You can tell it's the beginning of January. :) Yes, it's that time again for the "New Year's Resolutions" crew to flood the gym like cattle for their guilt-induced workouts. LOL. Wonder how long that'll last. Hahahaha.

I'm confident that I will outlast every single last one of those "New Year's Resolutions" people, because I am serious about working out as an end to itself while most of them are probably ONLY working out just to lose weight. And then once that's accomplished (or in many cases, probably well before that happens!), these people will typically drop like flies -- their gym memberships languishing into obscurity & burning a big whole in their pockets. ;-)

Here's what I have to say about THAT: If you have to lose weight, focus on the workouts instead of the weight loss. If you do the workouts & eat healthfully, the weight loss will come as part of the process. Don't make the weight lose the sole end goal, because it's not a deep enough emotional reason & ultimately won't keep you going when the going gets rough. Frankly, if you want to be fit as a longterm goal (& really get your money's worth from those new gym memberships you just signed up for!), you need to find a better reason to exercise. Exercise for you. Exercise because it stirs your soul & gives you joy. Find exercise that is fun. The people who seek these deeper-rooted things from fitness are the ones who are going last in the exercise game. :)

Enough said. Now get out there & get moving for all the right reasons! :) And please have fun while you're out there doing it. Now, that's an order. Hahahaha. ONLY kidding.

Have a great night!



Andrew is getting fit said...

Congrats on the PR!

I've only been in the gym once so far this year funnily enough. The weather is great so I've been running outside.

cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, Andrew! That's fantastic that you're still able to run outside in such pleasant weather. What's the temperature been like in NZ?

I'm like you, & prefer to be outside whenever possible. The only time I usually head indoors is when it's too dark outside (& at that, it's done mostly for safety reasons!).

TexasTesla said...

I do love January - all the new people killing themselves to lose weight. The best part is that, even if I'm heavier than some of them, *I'll* still be around in February...and March...and next November too. :-)

Dan Cummings - Running Realtor said...

January certainly is a busy time at the gym. I really need to motivate myself to do treadmill running and it doesn't help when I arrive to find every fully functioning machine in use. I did remember to bring an Ipod last time and hopped on a treadmill without a working TV. Only lasted 4 miles though...Gonna shoot for an hour tonight.

cyberpenguin said...

@TexasTesla: Hahaha, yeah, it's kinda comical how clich├ęd the whole "January gym membership sign-up" thing has gotten. You think that, after a while, people would get to the point where they'd realize they should be thinking about these things the whole year 'round & not just suddenly decide to turn over a new leaf once January 1st rolls around. LOL!

Well, you've certainly got the right idea & I agree with you 100% percent: Steady/consistent workouts, especially in terms of making exercise a life-long habit, are much more important in the long run!

cyberpenguin said...

Hi Dan,
Nice to hear from you! Well the good news is that you probably will have an easier time finding a free machine as the months go on. :) Either that, or maybe you can find an off-time to workout when no one else is using the machines. What about running outside? Is that a possibility? Do you have access to trails or an open, well-lit, low-traffic road (with enough of a shoulder to run on)? If you plan to run outdoors in the dark this winter, do you have a good reflective vest &/or a headlamp?

Hope you had a good treadmill workout!

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