Thursday, January 15, 2009

4 Club Run: 4.8 Miles in 16 Degree Weather


Tonight, I went on a group run this evening with members of our running club; a handful of people came out to brave the 16 degree temperature, which actually wasn't really that cold at all once we got moving. It also helped that it wasn't very windy & we were all dressed appropriately/warmly.

In fact, I got so warm during the run, that I took off my mittens at one point & unzipped my jacket part way. I tend to warm up pretty quickly.

A quick illustration of this point: During last Tuesday's track practice, which was a lot warmer (35 degrees or so), it only took me a few laps before I'd peeled down to one top layer, a long-sleeve compression turtleneck. I looked around; most people were still buttoned up like Eskimos. :)

But back to tonight's run: For those of you who think I'm insane for running the dark in 16 degree temperatures, I will just say that we penguins are of hearty constitution. :) But seriously, it's not that bad. Really! You just need to dress properly, wear reflective gear, & bring a headlamp or flashlight.

I will admit that towards the end, it started to get colder & I put the mittens back on & zippered right back up again. :)

According to our running clinic schedule, the pace was supposed to be very easy tonight, around 10-11 minute/mi pace. I didn't time our run, but the lady I was running with did time it & said our pace was somewhere around that.

Surprisingly, we were out ahead in front of the group for the entire run, with the slower pace groups behind us. This almost never happens to me! Usually, I'm somewhere in the middle of the pack, especially during races. There was however, a faster runner out there with us tonight, who runs at an 8-minute mile pace; he kindly kept pace with the woman in back of us, since he didn't want her to be running by herself. Needless to say, he's a very nice & considerate man!

Tonight's run was less distance & much slower than I usually run, but I figure it's the first group run of the program & will probably get a lot more challenging soon enough. At the end of the run, I felt like I could've run a bit more. Was very tempting to keep going. :)

It was really nice to run with people from our club. Was definitely a change of pace for me, since I'm either running alone or with one other person. Was good to have the company & some conversation; if I'm running alone, out come the headphones & the iPod. :)

We all went out for pizza afterward & chatted. It was wonderful to see runners there from all walks of life. There was quite an age range too: One or two people in their twenties & a seventy-five year old man who does triathlons & marathons.


RunToFinish said...

oh man I think my cut off temp is like 20...especially once it's dark, although having a group would certainly help!

cyberpenguin said...

Hi RunToFinish!

I see you are from KS. What are the temps like on winter nights there? Do they get colder than 20 degrees? ;-)

Yes, that's very true about running in a group. You can all huddle together like a scene right out of "March of the Penguins." ;-)

RunningRamblings said...

Good post. I'm looking forward to doing runs with these folks. I find your ability to warm up amazing - I'm envious!

cyberpenguin said...

Hi Martin,

Thanks! The Thursday night crowd is a good group; think you'd enjoy running with them!

Hopefully as you keep doing the clinic, your body will warm up more quickly; or if not, at least you can dress warmly & hope that we don't have any more single digit temperatures on our running days. :)

Nice job on today's race! See you at the track this upcoming Wednesday..... (I almost wrote Tuesday! ;-) )


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