Saturday, January 3, 2009

3 Cyberpenguin's Goals For 2009


It's official! I just posted my 2009 fitness-related goals at JustFinish, in the group 2009 Goals.

Thought I'd list them here as well:

1. Run all of the 20+ races listed on my 2009 racing calendar, including my first marathon. (You can read more details about this on my blog.)
2. Set PRs for 5K-10M distances: By May, run 5K in 27:54 (9:00 pace), 10K in 58:48 (9:30 pace), 8 mi in 1:18:00 (9:45 pace), 10 mi in 1:40:00 (10:00 pace).
3. Complete the 2009 Philadelphia Marathon in under 5 hours (preferably 4:30 or better!).
4. Get down to an "athletic body fat range" of 14-18% to optimally enhance racing performance.
5. Do at least 1 day per week of strength training (lifting, crunches, push-ups, squats, etc.).
6. Complete RRCA coaching certification.
7. Start building my fitness business.
8. Inspire more people to run, get fit, adopt healthy behaviors, & find the enjoyment in the process of getting healthier! Actively mentor & encourage others!
9. Give back: Volunteer more in the community, both in the general & running communities. Help build positive sense of community & foster connections amongst people; be a catalyst & connection point for others.
10. Cross-training: Add some cross-training into the mix every so often! Think outside of the box when planning cross-training activities. Organize more group outings centered around fitness - bike rides, hikes, kayak trips, etc.


Andrew is getting fit said...

I especially like numbers 8&9!

Gillie said...

Wow! I'm exhausted reading about all your goals. You sure are an ambitious and inspiring person Corey. Good luck with all your activities that you have going.

cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, guys! So what are some of your 2009 goals?

Hope you both had a good New Year's!

@Andrew - Yes, goals #8 & 9 are also my favorite too! :) In fact, I'd like to challenge the people who read this blog to likewise be a positive "catalyst" to help others improve the quality of their lives -- and helping others to become healthier is at the center of it all.

Speaking of which, you've done a great deal to inspire & help others this year, so bravo to you, Andrew!

@Gillie - LOL! Thanks, Dave! You really inspire me too. I look at all of the things you've accomplished -- all sorts of challenges you've met & overcome, both in running & in life -- & just think, "Wow!"

Well, these 2009 goals aren't really so daunting when they're broken down into smaller steps, but it's certainly going to take perseverance & a lot of hard work to meet them all!

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