Sunday, January 25, 2009

0 D1W2 (HPC) + 300 Crunches: Just Getting 'Em Done


Tonight's pushups workout called for intervals of 14+14+10+10+max 15+ (with a minimum of 60 seconds rest in between sets). I did 14+14+10+10+25.

The last 3 pushups of the last set were really difficult to squeak out, but I was determined to do atleast 25, since that's what I've been doing all along, albeit it's been getting increasing more difficult as the number of pushups in each set has gone up each day.

Tonight I had no problem waiting 60 seconds between pushups. :) I'm feeling a bit tired tonight, after a full week of challenging workouts & having to get up earlier than usual for a few days this week.

And after tonight's pushups workout, I once again did the usual 300 crunches for my core workout.

OK, that's a wrap. Have a good night!

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