Friday, January 16, 2009

0 D2W1 (HPC): Here We Go.....


Tonight's pushups workout called for intervals of 10+12+8+8+max 12+ (with a minimum of 90 seconds rest in between sets). I did 10+12+8+8+25.

Didn't let out any shrieks this time towards the end of the last set, but there was a smaller "uuuuh" type of noise made during the last pushup. ;-)

Once again, Java kept me company during the pushups. He seems to enjoy just sitting there & watching me. Now let's just see HIM do a pushup! :) LOL! Well he's a cat, so I know better than to expect him to make an effort like that. Hahahaha.

He does like to run around the house a lot with his "sister" Cleo. Yes, there are more runners in the family. :)

Pictured above (on the left & right respectively) are Cleo & Java. Cleo's a Siamese & Java's a Balinese. They are best buds & are full of personality. :)

Cleo's kind of shy & timid with strangers & can be skittish at times (especially if she detects sudden movements in her direction), but she's extremely affectionate & will sit with "her people" for hours.

Java is extremely social (read, "borderline dog personality"! :) ) -- & will walk up to almost anyone. He's much more of a casually friendly cat than Cleo, who doesn't give her trust easily, but once earned, it's something a person can feel very lucky to have.

Java's also more of a lap cat than Cleo, who rarely sits on anyone's lap but will certainly sidle up next to people she trusts & keep them company.

Of course, Java is not without his "primadonna" moments, & can sometimes get crabby, especially if he's "overpetted" by unwitting humans, but he's generally very good humored on the whole.

Cleo's not nearly as much of a "primadonna" but when she wants your attention, she certainly knows how to get it. She will usually let out a gigantic yowl, which of course is very characteristically Siamese. She's a little cat with a big roar! ;-)

Java has more of a "bewwww." In fact, people often mistake him for a girl cat because he's fluffy & has a much softer meow. Needless to say, he doesn't like that too much. :)

As his human representative here in blogland, he'd like me to ask people on his behalf to stop referring to him as a "she" in their discussions of him. :)

He's a fearless explorer, & would like it to be known that "fluffy" doesn't equal "female." :)

Cleo would likewise ask me to communicate that it's very important for people to keep petting her non-stop for 24 hours. On that note, I'd better go & pet her. She just looked at me & let out another one of her huge MEEEE-OOOWs! :)

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