Friday, January 30, 2009

2 HPC (D2W2) + 300 Crunches: Yep, Those Push-Ups Are Still Challenging the Second Time Around ;-)


D2W2 (HPC): Today's push-ups workout called for intervals of 14+16+12+12+max 17+ (with a minimum of 90 seconds rest in between sets). Did 14+16+12+12+25.

Arms felt a bit tingly & face felt flushed on those last 5 push-ups. :)

Also did my usual 300 crunches. Yes, la-de-freakin'-dah.

There, how's that for a far less moody post? ;-)


Rolando said...

OMG Corey you must be cut by now! Congrats on your progress!

cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, Ro'! The funny thing is that ever since I entered "serious training mode," the foremost thoughts afterward are usually "showering, eating, & then napping" in that particular order. LOL.

So how are your workouts coming along? You must be likewise feeling great about yourself after your workouts! Last time we chatted, you seemed very motivated & into it, which is fantastic!

You joined the DailyMile right? (There are so many social networking communities revolving around fitness, that it's easy to lose track of them all! ;-) ) Thought we were listed as friends there & was looking for you but for some reason couldn't find your name. How exactly are you listed there? Looked for you as "Rolando Nispiros" & "RoarinRow" but couldn't find either listing. Hmmmm. Would love to follow your workouts, so please let me know! This site is great because we can motivate each other to keep working out!

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