Sunday, January 11, 2009

2 Initial Pushups Test (HPC): Getting Back on Track


Tonight I decided to restart the Hundred Pushups Challenge (HPC) (after, ahem, a bit of a hiatus from doing pushups!) & managed to eke out 25 consecutive bent-knee pushups during the initial pushups test. (You are supposed to do as many as you can before falling into a lifeless heap on the floor! ;-) )

I'm fairly OK with that number as a starting point. Atleast that's 5 more pushups than the last time I took the initial pushups test. ;-)


Andrew is getting fit said...

Funnily enough I restarted this recently as well. I think it's something we will keep doing until we do the 100!

cyberpenguin said...

Good for you! Are you also logging your progress at

Yes, my thoughts exactly! :) We'll keep going & won't stop until we get there!

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