Monday, January 5, 2009

2 "Just Say NO" to New Year's Resolutions!


I was just over at my friend Dave's blog, The MS Runner, reading his latest post, "Happy New Year!", & I must say, it really struck a chord with me.

You guessed it; the article's all about New Year's resolutions. ;-) And the best part is that the article is great fun to read, as all of the insights are delivered with Dave's usual comic flair for finding humor in the absurdities of life & human behavior. I encourage you all to read it, because the man has an excellent point.

Bottom line: New Year's resolutions are a bunch of BS. Yes, you heard me correctly. :) So why do people still make them? Well, read his article & my comments for some more insight on that.

I much prefer the term, "goals." And yes, there is a difference. The connotations of these words are very different, indeed. Especially in terms of one's mental outlook & general approach towards achieving the tasks at hand. And maybe, just maybe this year, people's approaches to achieving those goals will also be different, as in "smarter" & "better." Atleast that is what one hopes anyway.

I highly encourage you to read Dave's article, especially if you are one of those people who makes "New Year's Resolutions" and then soon after "resolves" to quickly forget them. :)

Hey, if we are truly honest with ourselves, we have all probably been guilty of doing this at one point or another in our lives. However, this year can be different. We can all benefit from rethinking the way we approach our new year's ambitions this time around.


And, as I can never seem to remain silent when there's something urgent or important that's just got to be said, I thought I'd reprint my response to his article here.

  1. # 1 cyberpenguin Says:
    Hahahaha! I agree with you 100%!!!!!!! Resolutions are usually 99% just “for show” & mostly done for our egos. You know what they say about the road to hell. :)
    New year’s resolutions are ultimately a bunch of BS.
    Been saying that for years, but now that we have the larger scope of the blogging medium to rattle on about it, maybe someone will actually “get” it soon, or atleast one of these days, & stop with all of this resolution-making nonsense. Hope springs eternal. :)
    You are so right about the way so many people have trained their minds to work. It’s quite obvious that they haven’t carefully thought through all of those resolutions, because if they did, they might change their minds when considering all the work those resolutions are going to require! :)
    They concoct these elaborate schemes so grand that they can’t possibly succeed. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, subconsciously rigged as a set-up for failure so that, in reality, they don’t really have to change at all. They can just claim a token gesture for having tried (maybe once or twice, & then quitting after the first sign of “failure” — a missed workout or an unwise decision — i.e., overexertion leading to injury, etc.), since there’s a rather small & unrealistic window on the time & effort dedicated to achieving those goals. People often forget that goals take time & effort to achieve!
    In the end, it’s usually a lot of “sound & fury signifying nothing.” These people can talk a good game, but when it comes down to the execution part, they casually “forget” about all those lofty plans.
    The attempts are often short-lived because they got easily overwhelmed by the grand schemes, instead of thinking on a smaller scale, starting slowly, & making gradual changes, in a step-by-step fashion. The second path, which unfortunately has often been the one less taken in modern Western/American culture (with regard to getting oneself into shape!), is a more surefire route to success. When will people learn? Steady effort, moderation, balance, and persistence are the wiser pathways.
    Deep, lasting change isn’t some superficial construction, or done for the purposes of “looking good” for others. People have to start small in order to start somewhere!
    You're right. The grass isn’t greener on the other side. You plant those grass seeds right here in your own backyard. :)

  1. # 2 cyberpenguin
    Of course when I refer to “the second path, which unfortunately has often been the one less taken in modern Western/American culture,” I am obviously referring specifically to the usual ways in which people try to get themselves into shape.
    I find it strange how the “hard work” ethic is ingrained & promoted tirelessly in American culture when it comes to one’s career, & yet is strangely not advocated as unilaterally when it comes to one’s approach to one’s health. :)
    In addition to “green technology” being the next big thing to take international markets by storm, I’d like to see “preventative health care” on that list as well!
    To quote a Chinese proverb, “The best doctor doesn’t need to treat his patients at all.”


Gillie said...

Hey Corey,
Thanks for all the plugs! Great post.


cyberpenguin said...

You're very welcome, Dave. Glad you enjoyed the post. I was very inspired after reading yours! :)

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