Sunday, January 25, 2009

2 Looking For Good Winter Running Apparel? Just Ask Me!


It seems there are lots of people who've been looking for decent winter running apparel that suits their needs. Instead of writing a general review of winter products here, some of which may or may not be suitable for your individual needs or clime, I decided instead to open up the floor for your specific questions.

So ask away, leaving your questions in the comments section of this blog, & I'll do my best to answer your questions. I've tried a lot of different products & also happen to know about lots of great sites where you can get quality running products, many of them at a big discount!

(FYI: I'm not pumping anyone's running products, so my recommendations are a true representation of my thoughts & opinions.)

BTW, for this very same reason, you might also want to follow me (@cyberpenguin) on Twitter. I regularly tweet about running products I've tried & liked, as well as those products I recommend avoiding. Think of it as sort of a mini product review in Twitter. ;-)

Also, if you'd like to join in the wider discussion about running on Twitter, you can look through the list of the people I follow, & follow several runners on this list, many of whom I regularly chat with about running-related topics. They are a great group of people! People often post questions there & we help each other out, giving each other recommendations for all sorts of running-related topics -- products, race events, tips, etc. It's a great community & I encourage you to join us!

Note: I tend to follow-back those who regularly converse with me in an amiable manner. ;-)


Andrew is getting fit said...

I hate to admit it but I just don't have the time to get into twitter.

Maybe in a year or so I'll catch up and do what all the cool folks are doing.

cyberpenguin said...

Understood. Of course, although it can sometimes be addictive, there's no obligation to tweet. :)

Frankly, for those with limited time to tweet, I think that its best use is as a tool for exchanging information & resources.

The cool thing about Twitter is that it can be used as little or as much as you want to use it. Of course, the trick is to actively control how much you use it. :)

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