Saturday, January 17, 2009

2 Race Report: Shooting Star 4M


Got up (late) at 7:15 am & got this morning's race at 8:02 am. Only problem with that was that the race started promptly at 8 am & they'd already started without me & one other fellow, who also dashed out onto the course at the same time! (It's an informal club race, so no timing chips are used.)

He & I rushed off to catch the rest of the runners on the course. On the way, we passed the race organizers & the fellow with the digital clock timer jokingly yelled out to us in a super-speedy voice, "OK, on your mark, get set, go!" :-)

He told us that the gun had just gone off a few minutes ago, & directed us (pointing with his hand) towards the starting line. Both of us rushed onto the trail to catch up. It took us about a minute or so to run to the actual starting line & then another few minutes to catch up to the other runners in the race!

In fact, we couldn't even see the pack of the pack runners when we first rushed off. It took us about a minute or two to catch up with the tail group.

I felt like I was playing "catch up" for the entire race! ;-)

Psychologically, this was actually a big bonus, as I kept thinking "gotta catch up with my pace group," & so I obviously ran much faster than the officially recorded time. (Phew! What a workout! I truly felt like I was sprinting the entire 4 miles!) Also, due to the late start, I didn't have time to get nervous, or think about how cold it was, which in case you were wondering, was a mere 5° F. Wow!

All along the route I kept asking people, "What's your pace?" to see how much harder I'd have to run to catch up with my pace group. :)

I passed the 12-13 milers, then the 11 milers, & then finally caught up with the 10-minute milers. If you take a minute or two or three (!) off my official time, that means that in reality, I probably ran somewhere between a 10:07 pace at the slowest & a 9:30-9:45ish pace at the fastest.

The course was basically a 2 mile loop repeated 2 times. There were a few mild hills towards the end of the loop, but the course was basically fairly flat for most of the race.

Along the way, I saw some people I knew & called out "Good morning, [insert person's name here]," (Haha, reminds me of the movie Animal House: "I, state your name...." ;-) ), & issued words of encouragement to them. I made brief small talk with some people I knew from practice, but mostly just kept going, as I was on a mission to catch my pace group!

It would've been great if I'd have timed my start from the actual starting line. However, I was so concerned with getting on the trail, that I didn't think to hit my stopwatch until a few minutes in, & was already a few minutes behind already!

I'll never know how fast I ran today, but that's OK, because there will hopefully be plenty more opportunities to find out how fast I can run in the future. :)

Unofficial time was probably somewhere between 38-40 minutes. The time I saw on the digital timer as I passed the finish line was somewhere around 41:30. Still waiting for the official race results to be posted.....

After the race, Erik & I met up with @RunningRambling & also chatted with the other club members we knew, & also met a few new people as well. (Some people aren't "new" to the club, but they are "new" to us, because we haven't met them before. :) Our club is one of the largest clubs in the nation; so this inevitably means that there will almost always be "new" people there to meet!)

The nice thing is that each time Erik & I go to races (& also, in my case, track practices & group runs in the running clinic I'm currently doing), we see more & more people we know (or atleast recognize). Of course, when you start regularly participating in club races & other racing events, after a while, people's faces start to look more & more familiar each time. And then pretty soon, you meet these familiar faces, & then hopefully after a while, the names & faces start to stick together. :)


Andrew is getting fit said...

Better late than never eh!

cyberpenguin said...

Hehehe. Maybe next time, I'll go to sleep in my running clothes the night before. ;-)

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