Thursday, January 22, 2009

0 Running Clinic: 5-Mile Track Workout


Went to our running clinic's 2nd week of track workout tonight. Did 1 mi warm-up, followed by 8x400 (at threshold pace), with each 400 of speed work followed by a recovery lap (another 8x400). So all in all, I did 5 mi. :)

Today I noticed that I was running a lot faster than my assigned pace group (10:30), without really intending to do so. For our threshold 400s, our group was supposed to do a 2:35 pace, but I was running closer to 2:00-2:10 on most of the speed work laps. (Didn't time the recovery 400s, so not 100% sure what my overall pace was.) I honestly didn't feel very tired after tonight's track workout, so either my fitness is improving or I'm not working hard enough!

Not sure if I should be moved to a faster pace group, since tonight's workout was supposed to be fairly easy in comparison to what we will be doing later on down the road. It looks like our workouts are going to get considerably more challenging. Of course, I'm not afraid of a challenge, but I also want to make sure that I'm in the right group!

(Since I signed up for the class rather early, my pace group was established using race data from Fall 2007, which probably explains the discrepancy.) Another friend of mine who's also doing the clinic is in the same situation, so it'll be interesting to compare notes with him as we both progress through the program.

Talked to our coach tonight about my pace group classification, & indicated that I ran a 10:09 pace for last weekend's 10 mile run, a 9:55 pace for my last 8K race (on 12/14/08), & a 9:45 pace for my last 5K race (on 1/1/09). The good news is that if I can find another race to do soon (i.e., perhaps next weekend, etc.), it'll supply more conclusive data upon which to base the decision!

Update (added later): I may or may not have done an extra 400 of speedwork followed by another 400 as a recovery lap, for a possible total of 5.5 miles. As I was nearing the end of the workout, I lost track & decided to do an extra set of 400s just to make sure I did the full workout as intended. ;-)

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