Saturday, January 3, 2009

0 Update RE: Hundred Pushups Queens


Due to the overflowing amount of information on the front page of this blog, I've decided to move the links for the "Proud Members of the Hundred Pushups Queens Club" from the front page to a post. This post, to be exact. :)

People will of course still get props for joining this group & taking on the challenge. That part won't change.

Below are the current members of the "Hundred Pushups Queens":
Abby (my sister) of "Ladybug & Co"
Ally (Cymrusteve's wife)
Carla of "Blog Mommy Blog"
Coach Jenn of "What Does It All Mean?"
Fit Mom of "Fitness for Mommies"
Jess of "21 Days"
Kristen of "Run Faster"
Lisa of "Chasin' Bunnies"
Lisa of "JavaMom Keeps On Tri-ing"
Lisa of "Workout Mommy"
Lori J. (of Plurk)
Marcy of "I Signed Up For This?!?"
Melanie Brookshire
Nancy of "Notes of a Non-Runner"
Rebecca of "So You Wannabee a Domestik Goddess?"
Runner Girl of "Who Is Runner Girl?"
Running Knitter
Shauna of "Diet Girl"
Susan of "Catapult Fitness"
Tamra of "Shop It To Me"
Vickie of "Living & Tri-ing in River City"

If you'd like to be added to the group, simply comment on this post & I'll add you. PLEASE NOTE: You must be a female participant in the Hundred Pushups challenge. Hence, the traditional use of the word "queen." :)

Good luck, ladies! Hope that you have been successful in completing the Hundred Pushups challenge thus far & are still going strong!

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