Sunday, January 25, 2009

1 The Week in Review: Some Push-ups & Crunches, Lots of Running, & Also, Not-so-Uncoincidentally, Lots of Napping Too! ;-)


I just realized that I ran around 24 miles this week (in 3 days). Last week I also did 24 mpw, but since it was spread out over 4 days, it definitely feels a whole lot different on the legs & the rest of the bod (in terms of overall fatigue)! ;-) This week feels a lot more intense than the previous two weeks, & it's only going to keep getting more intense from here on out; starting with the 4th week, we'll be increasing our mileage to 25-30 mpw, & on the 7th week we'll be heading into the realm of about 30-35 mpw.

As a direct result, there've been a lot more early bed times & napping going on in this household as well! ;-) Please note, both of these sleep-related behaviors are highly unusual for me, but I'm beginning to think that this might become a new trend, especially as the workouts get more intense. :)

If you'd like to read a brief recap of this week's workouts (i.e., running + strength training), you're welcome to check out my profile on Basically, I did 5-5.5 mi on the track (i.e., roughly 2-2.25 mi of that was speed work) on Wednesday. (Tuesday is our usual day of track workouts, but due to the Inauguration, it was moved to Wednesday). Then Thursday was a nice & easy 6.78 miles, followed by a long run of 12 miles on Saturday.

Admittedly, I haven't been as diligent about the strength training this week. I missed 1 day of strength training (out of 3), which isn't too horrible.

Frankly, I've been pretty tired for a good bit of this week: We got up at 3 am on Tuesday to go to the National Mall for the Inauguration, & needless to say, had an early night to bed that evening. That night, I think I might've set a new personal bedtime record of 6 pm. :) And as already mentioned in my last post, I napped after the 12 mile run as well.

It's been early-to-bed, early-to-rise for several weeks now. And tonight, I just had a bowl of cereal as a post-dinner snack. What is coming over me? I feel like this whole running lifestyle thing is turning me into a little kid. :)

What's next, cookies & milk? ;-)

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cymrusteve said...

Excellent progress!

Gotta love the naps AND the bowl of cereal snacks! Sounds very much like my routine...

Keep up the good work,


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