Monday, January 12, 2009

4 What Lies Ahead.....


As usual, the new year has started off with a bustle of activity!

Here are some of the highlights:

Martin (a.k.a., @runningrambling) & I are participating in a running clinic together. Last Saturday was our first kick-off meeting. It's a huge group this year, with over 300 people signed up for the program! No wonder the head coach has 4 assistant coaches! :)

The program is highly structured, with 3 group runs per week, & will most likely be a huge change from what either of us are currently doing. Lately, I've either been "flying solo" or going out on the trail with Erik. I used to run with friends more regularly, but due to scheduling & other issues, it's been hard to do this on a regular basis. But all the same, that's still very different from running in a pack of people. :) Frankly, I don't know quite what to expect from this particular clinic's group dynamic, so I'm going to enter into the environment with zero expectations, other than what I expect from myself! :)

I know the challenge will be good for both of us, although I must admit I am a bit excited & nervous at the same time. I'm hoping it'll be a good experience, & that there'll be a few other friendly & like-minded souls there with whom to bond.

So, as a result, it looks like I'm going to have to slightly revise my workout plans for this season. Yet again. However, changing course is nothing to be ashamed of doing & is really part of the larger, life-long learning process. First of all, it's early enough in the season to do so without impacting my long-term training plan, & secondly, I'm frankly quite OK with making multiple revisions along the way; it's a good thing to be flexible & head in a new direction when the old plans no longer suit your path.

So, although I originally thought I'd be able to somehow combine the current running clinic with the FIRST marathon training program which I'd started doing several weeks ago, it looks like I will first be doing the running clinic for several weeks, and then once I've completed this program, will probably do a somewhat modifed version of the FIRST marathon training program, depending on where I am with my fitness level & weekly mileage. I anticipate that after the running clinic, I will probably be starting several weeks into the FIRST marathon training program. Hopefully, by then, I will already be well on my way to preparing for the 2009 Philly Marathon.

Other new & exciting plans: This summer, my dad & I will be doing a triathlon as a relay team, which both of us are really excited about doing. It gives us a chance to do a race together as a father-daughter team, which is something we haven't done together in a long, long time. And, although both of us have done cycling & road races before, neither of us has ever attempted a triathlon before. So it'll definitely be a new experience for both of us.

Also, I plan to take the RRCA certification class (with a buddy of mine) this fall. Since I'm already doing coaching & mentoring in an unofficial capacity anyhow, I figure I might as well make it into a career/business & get paid for doing something I truly love. :)


raulgonemobile said...

Looks like it will be a full & busy year for you!

kchealy said...

The tri with your dad sounds like great fun! Good luck with your marathon training!

cyberpenguin said...

Hi Raul,
Yes, it's certainly going to be action-packed year! ;-) So how's your training been coming along?


Thanks, Kristen! What events do you have planned for 2009? Any marathons or tris on your racing calender?

kchealy said...

Not sure about a tri; definitely no marathons. I'm going to concentrate on improving my time in the half and shorter events this year.

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