Monday, February 16, 2009

4 7 Mile Run + 12 x Strides: All Caught Up on My Running!


Ran 7 mi tonight at an comfortable pace (an approximate 10:00 pace or possibly faster!) to make up for the missed 6 mi run + 4 x strides workout on Thursday & the 2 sets of 4 x strides that I missed from the previous 2 weeks (i.e., 1 set of 4 x strides per week).

At the half-way point, did 3 sets of 4 x strides with intervals of slower running in between; it took 1 mile to complete all sets of strides + recovery intervals. Then just finished out the run with the remaining mileage at a steady recovery pace. Finished strong!

Was supposed to run yesterday, but just couldn't motivate myself to run 6 mi + 4 x strides after running 14 miles only the day before. Was probably for the best. ;-) The body needed a break!

(Saturday's 14-miler was a little bit rough, due to Thursday's missed run -- which meant 4 days between runs -- & a lack of proper fueling beforehand & during the run itself. Of course I knew better, but was really pushing my boundaries out of a lack of appetite for breakfast & some other reasons best left unexplained ;-) Of course, it was totally avoidable, but hopefully I've since learned my lesson. ;-) What a contrast to the 14-miler only a week before, which felt almost effortless. Proper fueling/preparation & the proper spacing of one's runs makes all the difference between having a fantastic run or burning out & struggling. No need to say which one happened on Saturday. ;-) And no, you didn't miss Saturday's post; that 14-miler has yet to be posted to DailyMile or this blog yet. Ah yes, that'll be another backdated post.)

Anyhow, it feels great to have another run in the bag & rectify the "running ledger" for those missed workouts. Ka-ching! :)

It's really important to stay on schedule & get the proper mileage in each week; since today is technically a holiday for most people in this country (i.e., "President's Day"), maybe today's workout can count as part of the extended weekend & thus, still go towards last week's mileage tally. LOL. OK, maybe not. Or atleast not according to DailyMile, which counts Monday as part of the new week. ;-)

Now I've just got to motivate myself to get those push-ups & crunches done. Frankly, I'm not really feeling up to it, but can't let that stop me from getting them done. Otherwise, it'll only get harder to do them. Better just buckle down & get 'em out of the way......


Runnrgrrl said...

Thank you for the great post. It's such a cycle, eh? you get more nervous knowing you'll be nervous and then you're worse. I love the advice. It's sound, do-able and most of all compassionate.
I'll be thinking about it til March 29!

cyberpenguin said...

You're welcome, Runnrgrrl. Glad you found the advice useful.

When it comes to nervousness, I think the main thing is to be aware of the emotions (i.e., to notice & acknowledge them as they are happening), & then find a way to put yourself back in the driver's seat & not be overcome by them. Sometimes that's easier said than done, but I find that after a bit of practice, it does get easier in time!

One of the most effective ways to do this is to simply express what you are the feeling at the time, either through writing (I realize this option won't work at a road race unless you are texting someone! :) ) or by confiding in a trusted source. By doing this, you are making the emotions external/"visible" & therefore making it easier to let them go. That way, you can instantly see where your mental state is, & then course-correct as you see fit. By admitting how you feel, even if it's just to yourself, allows you to declare that these emotions don't have any power over you. (Of course, conversely, denying the expression only makes the emotion stronger & more powerful.)

Men & women could really learn a lot from each other here: On the one hand, we women are often experts at expressing & venting, but often are not so good at the letting-go part. :) The flip side of that is while many men do not express the emotions verbally, they are much better than us ladies at letting things go & moving on.

Emotions are like little children; they need to be allowed to express themselves but they also need boundaries. :) (There are appropriate times, places, & persons, etc., in/with which to share this information.) If given too much free reign, & they'll "gleefully dip their head in the bowl of chocolate pudding you made them & smear it all over the couch." :)

Another idea is to just face your fears directly & ask yourself, "What the heck am I nervous about anyhow?" I mean, what's the worst that can happen? Sometimes imaginging all of the possible scenarios -- both good & bad -- allows you to better navigate the situation. That way, you can see how unlikely many of those scenarios really are! :) That helps to clear the air & relieve the needless tension that's been floating around in one's mind.

It also helps to have someone else there at the race for support. There were plenty of times I was grateful to have the support of friends, family, & my squeeze at road races, because not only do they cheer you on, but they can also help you calm your worries & fears, & put things into perspective.

OK, enough philosophizing. Good luck with your 30K race on March 29th!

cyberpenguin said...

Sheesh, what I wrote above is practically a whole other post unto itself. Whoops. :)

Runnrgrrl said...

no whoops req'd. its all good. so hard to be rational about irrational reactions. thanks again.

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