Tuesday, February 24, 2009

0 Are You a Newbie Runner in Need of Advice? Check Out This Blog's New Series, Entitled "Newbie Corner"!


As part of the "adopt a new runner initiative," I've decided to expand that concept to a virtual one & open up the floor to questions from newbie runners, & will do my best to answer your questions.

That being said, I should mention that, while I've been running on & off since the age of 5, please note that I'm still relatively new to marathon training. :) As most of you can see from the opening caption of this blog, I'll be doing my first marathon this year. Thus far, I've spent the majority of my running years covering short & middle distances. Honestly, my body type is optimally better suited for these distances, but as I get older, I've realize that it's going to be more advantageous to redirect my focus towards stamina & endurance versus outright speed. :)

At any rate, I believe that, as runners, we all have to start somewhere & that, no matter how much of an expert one considers oneself to be on the subject of running, there are still things that we ALL can learn from others on the subject. In running, as in life in general, it's all about the process of growing & learning, & not just the end-point.

As part of "Newbie Corner," I'll also be recommending good resources which are particularly geared for newbie runners.

For starters, I recommend that newbie runners check out the following two resources:
Runner's World "Beginners" section
Active.com's "Newbie Runners" section

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