Sunday, February 1, 2009

0 Back On Track: Missed Mileage +Track Workout All Made-Up Now!


What a beautiful day for a run! During today's workout, the mercury almost hit 60°F today (i.e., 59°F). And this was at 4:41 PM! Almost had to pinch myself, because after the 10 degree weather we had during yesterday's run, the weather just felt too good to be true! :)

As planned, I went to the track this evening to make up the 2 miles I wasn't able to run yesterday (during the long weekend run) as well as Tuesday's cancelled track workout. The only remaining work that still has to done are the 4 strides which were supposed to have been completed after running 6 mi. this past Thursday. Oh well. I'll most likely make them up either tomorrow or at some other time during the upcoming week.

Did 2 mi. warmup run + 6 x 800 T (i.e., at threshold pace) + 6 x 400 E (recovery laps) + 2 mi. cool-down run, for a grand total of 8 mi. Normally, we're only supposed to do a mile each of warm-up & cool-down, but this way, (by adding an extra mile to each end), I was able to make up the missed mileage & give the legs extra time to feel limber. :) It worked out perfectly.

My iPod died somewhere around the last mile or two of the cool-down, but since I was able to retrieve the workout start time (4:41 PM) from my iPod once it was recharged (!) & had also noted the end time (6:23:46 PM), it was easy enough to calculate the approximate pace.

I tried to keep to the proper paces for the splits (4:40 = 800 T; 2:45 = 400 E), which was very challenging due to track conditions: There were three large ice patches situated around three different turns of the track, but I did the best I could under the circumstances. I know that I added a few seconds at each turn as a result, which translated into about 10-15 extra seconds for each 800 & 400.

There was a really nice moment that occurred about half-way through the track workout that I'd like to share here: As I was rounding the third "corner" of the track, a doe bounded out from nowhere & was "running" along beside me for a very brief while (on the opposite side of the track fence, of course!). In no time at all, it'd dashed past me, hopping along very happily. Of course, it wasn't like I was going to catching up with the doe, but seeing this graceful creature bouncing along made my heart "leap for joy." Pardon the corny pun, but it gave me a bit of unexpected inspiration, & stirred something in me that put an extra kick in my step.

It was dark by the time I finished the track workout & had gotten considerably colder. I'd only worn 2 layers (a singlet & thin pullover layer), & after the first warm-up mile was only wearing the singlet. However, by the start of the last 2 cooldown miles the second layer was back on & the hands were a bit cold. :) I did one of those maneuvers of pushing down the ends of my jacket sleeves, grasping onto them, & turning them into makeshift "gloves." :) Actually, the nice thing about this particular pullover is that it has cuffs that fold over for this express purpose. It sort of has that "just-released-from-a-mental-ward" fashion statement going on. :) The funny thing is that the pullover was white, which made it look even more like I'd been released from "Ward 9 From Outer Space" ;-) -- All you'd need to do is pin the sleeves et le voilà -- but who the heck really cares when you are freezing your chatkes off, right?! ;-)

Anyhow, I felt good for most of the run. Knees started to get sore on the last cool-down mile, but that's not really surprising considering the way the runs had been spaced out over the week. :)

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