Thursday, February 12, 2009

0 Busy, Busy, Busy! Or Why I Haven't Been Tweeting Much These Days. :)


Frankly, there's a lot going on right now & my head is spinning from everything that has to get done in the next 2-3 months. It's been full-on, high intensity in multiple areas of my life -- and let's not even get started with the subject of tax season. :) The scope of it all is simply astounding, but I refuse to freak out or get overwhelmed about it, because that never helps. When this happens, I shut down & go into "basics" mode -- or as I like to call it "cheetah survival mode." The priority things get done & everything else, well, it just has to wait.

You know that expression, "Something's gotta give"? Well, that basically describes my current life in a nutshell. :)

Frankly, the only online activity going on right now is "just the essential stuff" -- emailing people back, recording workouts, etc. Realistically, that's really all the online time I have time for at present. Hopefully, my "to do" essentials list will shrink sometime soon, but for now, that's the breaks.

Not surprisingly, many tweeps have noticed (& also remarked upon ;-) ) my recent absence there. While the tweeting is certainly a very pleasant distraction, it also is very hard for me to just "tweet the essentials" & then stop. That's because Twitter is a whole social world unto itself, & I feel compelled to respond to DMs & tweets directed specifically to me. There's probably a prescription gel to fix that. Hehehehe. But seriously, it's just not in my nature to be rude; I try my best to reply to tweeps (for those tweets requiring replies) whenever possible.

Honestly, with all of the different social networking sites out there & their corresponding individualized email boxes & groups, it's simply impossible to keep up with it all. This is why, although I might occasionally bop around to the myriad sites & forums to which I belong, I tend to concentrate my focus (& interactions!) upon a limited number of sites.

Even the blogging has been limited to the "bare essentials." Believe it or not, the blogging is actually helping right now, because not only has it been a bit of "stress relief," but it also helps to crystallize the mind, at least where fitness plans & goals are concerned.

The running is mostly stress relief too, although I'm going to be honest, the "having-to-be-on-time-everywhere-even-at-7-am-in-the-morning-on-a-weekend" thing is hardly a low-key affair for me. ;-) (It's not just the physical preparation; there's a lot of mental preparation that goes into the process as well. :) ) I'd much prefer to be leisurely about my runs, particularly on the weekends. Plus, in winter, it's a whole lot warmer at noon or 2-3 pm than it is at 7 or 8 am or at 6:30 pm!

Some of you who were raised with the "0500 lifestyle" probably won't understand what I'm talking about or be able to relate to what I'm saying, but that's just fine. It seems like I was descended from a long line of people (mostly on my mother's side!) who don't like to get up super-early in the morning. Now it is true that my Dad gets up at unseemly hours of the morning (4 or 5 am!) to play racquetball or go to the gym, etc., before work, but he is a notable exception to this rule rather than the rule itself. And, even with my 6-6:30 am weekend rising times for runs, that still makes me the second earliest-rising family member in our brood. :)

All the same I still get up early on weekends regardless of this tendency, because it's really important for me to do the running clinic, volunteer, & race in events.

On the most basic level, I need to exercise. Hence, why I run & race, & workout in general. It's what keeps me sane & protects the rest of the world from my occasional crabby outbursts. Hehehehe. ONLY kidding. Er, sort of. :) Now while I'm pretty good at not taking stuff out on others, every once in a while my family & fiancé might need to duck & run for cover. LOL. So it's best to hedge my bets & workout for everyone's sakes. :)

And of course, it's important to volunteer in our running club's activities for obvious reasons. Not only does it feel great to help out & support the running community, but it's a tangible way of giving & being part of something larger than yourself. Volunteerism seems to be reaching a new prominence/popularity these days, & there are many ways to contribute to one's community (i.e., it's not just about donating money!). And even while many of us are finding our financial resources to be a bit more limited these days, we can still give our time to help others.

And speaking of a sense of community, that's one of the best parts of belonging to a running club. Even though we live in a city, the world seems a whole smaller (& cozier) ever since we joined our running club. Last night, I bumped into someone from the club at the supermarket. It was right after our hill workout, & we chuckled upon seeing each other both still dressed in our running clothes. There was an instant recognition, not just in terms of literally recognizing each other as known individuals, but also in the fact that we share a bond that originates in our mutual love of running.

And the weekend before last, a really nice couple from our club offered to give me a lift home after our group long run. We had a really nice chat in the car, & I hope I get the opportunity to do something nice for them in the future.

The social aspect of the running club, its programs, & road races have really been something fantastic. We started out knowing just a few club members -- mostly people we already knew from other affiliations -- and it's just snowballed from there. Every club race we go to we know more & more people.

So if you don't currently belong to a running club & have been mulling over the idea of joining, I will say this to you: Join. You'll be really glad that you did. You can participate as much or as little as you like -- and that applies to racing, running clinics, volunteering, club parties & awards ceremonies, etc.

That sense of connection & community you will get from participating in your local running club is reason enough to join!

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