Sunday, February 15, 2009

6 Exciting News: Cyberpenguin & Friends Will Possibly Be On ESPN Tonight (5 PM)!!!!


Just a quick blip of a post to say that Erik, myself, & Brent Ayer (the current president of the RRCA) were all interviewed by ESPN at the USATF XC Championships, which was held on February 7th.

So, in other words, if that segment doesn't end up on the cutting room floor, you might see us all on ESPN tonight at 5 pm. :)

Before you get too excited, the whole interview was extremely impromptu & short. We were all volunteers at this event, & the ESPN cameraman just came up to us & started rolling tape. It was totally random, & before we could even get our bearings, introduce ourselves to each other, or find out what network he was from, he just came up to us & started interviewing us about the event & what we were doing there, & also about our running club, etc.

We didn't even know what network the cameraman was from until I asked him afterwards!

When I asked him, I honestly thought he was going to say he was from some dinky & obscure station (like an amateur college TV broadcast or something), or if not, perhaps the footage would end up as local network TV coverage. I never expected it to be ESPN. :) Whoa.

If they end up airing our segment, you will probably see me being my usual mouthy self. :) Erik was teasing me afterwards, because I dared to correct the President of the RRCA on national TV. Oops. :)

While the cameraman was interviewing me, Brent interjected that the MCRRC (i.e., our running club) was one of the top 3 largest clubs in the nation. I responded with something like, "Well, actually I think it's the largest club in the nation, but I could be wrong about that." ;-)

In my defense, I had no idea at the time that this person that I'd just corrected (& hadn't even yet met!) happened to be the president of the RRCA, nor did I know we were being broadcast on national TV. :)

Oh well. Thankfully, there was no ensuing drama, & Brent turned out to be a rather nice guy. It's a good thing the cameras weren't rolling afterward:
My face probably turned eighteen shades of red after we were properly introduced to each other. :)
We continued to discuss the MCRRC, RRCA, & of course the USATF track meet for a bit, & he told me about the program he coaches at Hood College. We also met a few others from his program who'd come out to volunteer for the event as well.
And now, speaking of which, I have a little confession to make: There was actually supposed to be an earlier detailed blog post about the USATF XC Championships, which I never got around to posting. I started writing it on February 7th, but due to my crazy-busy life & perfectionist editing/writing tendencies, it's still sitting in this blog's "Drafts" section as an unfinished post. Hopefully, I'll get around to finalizing & posting it sometime soon. ;-)

Anyhow, Erik & I have never been interviewed on TV before (& at that a major network), so hey, it's kind of a big deal.

Guess everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame, eh?! Or possibly not. :) We'll see.....

There was the one time I accidentally appeared on network TV, but that's another story for another time. :) You can ask my father about that. He was actually featured on "Call the Doctor" on WBRE about a zillion light-years ago (when I was a very little girl). Guess who made an unexpected entrance on stage to feed him his cue cards while the show was broadcasting live? ;-)
Anyhow, even if you know us personally, you still might not recognize any of us on TV, since we were all bundled up & wearing shades. So you might want to look for the "yetis" in the navy USATF hats. :)

So set your Tivos to stun, er, I mean tape. ;-0


Blaine Moore said...

Very cool, and good luck!

I don't have cable so I won't be able to watch; let me know if you appear on screen or not!

tootie said...

That is so exciting! I'll have to watch it :)

cymrusteve said...

Nice one! Hope you get your 15 minutes of fame :)


cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, everybody!

(Blaine, I tweeted a reply to you after the ESPN broadcast. ;-) Did you see it?)

Rolando said...

Darn sorry I missed it. Did they show your interview? I hope so.

cyberpenguin said...

Hi Rolando,
No worries. Guess you haven't yet seen the following post entitled, "Looks Like Those 15 Minutes of Fame Will Have to Wait." :) So as you can probably gather from that title, they didn't end up showing our interview, but that's OK. It was fun being interviewed, even if our footage didn't make it to prime time. :) The whole day was very exciting & we're certainly glad we volunteered!

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